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Why Men Leave After The “Honeymoon” Is Over

Why Men Leave After The “Honeymoon” Is Over

By Christian Carter

Hey there,

I'm about to tell you something about love that tons of men are going to be angry at me for saying...

I'll be “letting the cat out of the bag” with what lots of men REALLY think and feel when it comes to lasting love and relationships.

And why they're so often afraid of it, or just bad at being in one.

But, let me ask you something first:

Have you ever been in love?

I'm not talking about the “obsessive-psycho- can't-stop-calling-him-jealous-of-his-girlfriend- think-you're-getting-married-and-he-barely-knows- your-name“ love.

Sorry, you're on your own

There's a term for that - a “bunny-boiler”, like in that movie Fatal Attraction.

No, that's NOT the love I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the kind of love where you and a man connect and feel for each other on such a deep level that it's shared in all kinds of generous and intense ways.

And did you know there's a secret to love?

A secret that can help a man get rid of his fears of commitment and turn around his inability to share his affection and deeper feelings with you?

Well, there is.

I'll get to exactly what the secret is later in this email.

But think about this...

The reality is, most people have no real-world idea of how love is encouraged, begins, evolves, and sometimes fades away.

We just know how it makes us feel and that we really want it.

I might sound cynical, but I think that how most people react to the other person in their love life is more like an “emotional stop light” than anything else.

Stop. (red)

Slow down or speed up. (yellow)

Go. (green)

But our feelings, motivations and “inner- psychology” aren't wired this way.

When it comes to love and its complex effect on our mind and body, there's a whole lot more to it.

So using the behavioral and emotional equivalent of a stop light isn't going to cut it when you're looking to create a loving and lasting situation.

Here's where I'm going with this...

If you take the time to learn about what love actually is to our minds and bodies, and more specifically how men perceive and experience love, then your odds of success (happiness and fulfillment) go WAY up.

So let's get started.


There are a few stages to love.

The first, and by far the favorite, is the honeymoon stage we all know about.

As I see it, the honeymoon stage is basically 50 to 100 times LESS important than any other stage because it's where all relationships start and thrive.

But a majority of relationships start falling apart or end once the honeymoon is over.

For lots of couples, love starts out as an intense “can't-be-apart-stay-up-all-night- talking-and-touching” experience.

When you're in love, you probably think about the guy ALL the time and want to spend every possible moment with him.

And you and your guy share an intense connection.

The chemistry is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

And the world, people, colors, smells... everything seems brighter.

The attraction level is unbelievable.

The honeymoon stage does some crazy things to your body too.

Here are a few of the “Love Symptoms” that come with these chemicals in the honeymoon stage:

- heightened awareness (your senses) - reduced appetite - increased heart rate - increased energy level - an increase in your sex drive - feelings of euphoria (intense happiness) Actually, I'm kinda feeling this way right now after my third cup of coffee here at Starbucks.


So that's the first stage of love we all know about, want to be in, and want to keep going.

It's no wonder that the honeymoon stage is often the easy part.

But there's a simple and unpleasant fact about the honeymoon stage...

If you don't know what's going on with a man in each stage of love, and what you're doing and how he perceives it, all the great parts of the honeymoon stage won't last forever.


I get emails everyday from women wanting to know how they can “get back” to where things were when things started with a man.

They remember how things used to be and wonder why they can't be that way now.

So they ask themselves...

“Why is he so distant?”

“Why doesn't he share his feelings anymore?”

“Why don't I feel close to him, and why am I not getting my emotional and other needs met like I used to?”

So why is this so common to so many women?

I've recognized what a big part of it is.


When things are good, or more to the point, comfortable or predictable in our lives, we DON'T like the idea of change... at all.

In any relationship, after the initial attraction, mystery, intrigue, etc. passes and the honeymoon slows, guess what?

Things start to change inside a relationship.

Whether you like it, or not.

And both the man and the woman are responsible to know how to see it, think about it and deal with it.

And here's where TONS of women run into a whole set of COUNTERPRODUCTIVE thoughts and SELF- DESTRUCTIVE behaviors.

They get caught up in an almost hopeless battle to try and prolong the honeymoon stage and the ease by which they could connect and share with the man.

Especially when they don't see that the man is noticing or making the same efforts that they are.

This usually shows up with things like the following (tell me if any of these sound familiar?):

Noticing that a man isn't as attentive or affectionate anymore, so you pull back to see if he'll notice and close the gap, but he doesn't and so you withdraw, leaving nothing but distance between the two of you

Trying to CONVINCE a man to FEEL some way or act some way he used to or you want him to, which of course doesn't work because you can't “logically” make someone FEEL an EMOTION, and it all ends up backfiring as he sees you as needy or “nagging” and pulls away more

You start “trading” him for the normal caring things any couple should do for each other. You only act open or affectionate if he does something first. You only initiate things physically if he does something first, etc. The list goes on...

Recognize anything here?

Well, unfortunately, these common behaviors actually work as a special high-grade form of “man-repellent” in a relationship.

When men sense the emotionally uneasy feeling these create, they most often do one thing with a woman...


And they start their own weird emotional versions of the same kinds of destructive and distance-creating behaviors.

The truth is, every woman is going to go through situations that are going to make her want to react in these COUNTERPRODUCTIVE ways.

But there is a better way...


So what comes after the honeymoon stage?

And how can a woman stay close and connected with a man so they both transition into the next stage together and enjoy it?

And why do so many relationships fall flat during this time?

The next stage in our emotional love cycle is what scientists have called the “bonding stage”.

This second set of feelings and experiences are the “settle-down-raise-a-family-spend-time- cuddling-watching-movies-together” ones.

They're all about bonding, attachment, comfort and more long term stuff.

I've been thinking about one big important question that I know tons of women want to know about which relates to this.

We all know that lots of men can have a hard time staying connected and close to a woman after the honeymoon.

When the intense physical attraction changes and things become more “emotionally involved”.

Lots of times they'll become distant, boring, unpassionate, lazy, or ever worse...



With all this going on, the question is...

* Once you have love, how do you make it last?

Here's where I'm going tell you the secret that most women don't know about men and love.

And it has to do with keeping things going strong once “the honeymoon stage” is over.

Men have a dark secret they won't tell you about on their views of love.

And for most men, they couldn't even tell you if they wanted to, because they don't even know it about themselves...

It's also something that most women can't understand about men.

I know you've wondered about it in the past and even said it to yourself.

Well, you were right.

Most men know about 1,000 times less than you do about real lasting love.

About communicating about love, experiencing it, sharing it, feeling it intensely, keeping it going... all of it.

And hey, maybe that wasn't such a secret to you... but you're finally hearing it from the horse's mouth. (a man)

Seriously though - we men can be idiots when it comes to being open and close with our partners in long term relationships.

We don't understand some of the things that seem natural, intuitive and obvious to most women.

And we often stop paying attention to the important aspects of a relationship, including consistency in communication, affection, honesty, you name it.

I see it all around me, and sometimes within myself too, as a man.

But the reality is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here's the thing...

Some men weren't brought up with a real clear idea of what else there is to love besides passion, sex, social status and maybe having a family.

Which leads me to another secret about men in love...

Deep down, men expect love to stay in the “honeymoon stage”.

Think about it.

For lots of men, the honeymoon stage IS the only part of love they've ever even thought about or identified as being something they really truly want.

I'm talking about the chemistry, the attention and the ATTRACTION here that so often drives men CRAZY and has them acting in ways they'd be embarrassed for their guy friends to know about.

That's why, for so many men, when the “honeymoon stuff” isn't new anymore, they think love and passion have all but disappeared.

And the truth is, for lots of men, they don't know what else love is about... so they start to think that maybe this really isn't what they thought it was.

Men at this stage often say things like:

“I guess she's NOT the one.”


“I love her, but I'm not IN LOVE with her anymore...”


“She's not the person she used to be when we met, and that 'spark' is gone.”

A LOT of this can be chocked up to the fact that the man AND the woman aren't feeling all the intense honeymoon “stuff” anymore.

And less mature, non-committal men plain DON'T KNOW what is “supposed” to happen, and how it works as love moves into the bonding stage.

They often end up making terrible or disappointing boyfriends or companions.

Scary, huh?


There's something FASCINATING that I recognized a few years back as I was studying and observing behaviors inside relationships.

Some women actually had an EASY time in relationships with men, while other women NEVER did, no matter what they tried.

In other words...

Being close, committed, passionate, intimate- these were all relatively simple and almost effortless for some women to have in a relationship.

While other women had to fight, argue and STRUGGLE just to try and share the things they felt, were “the basics” in any relationship.

Here's the thing...

The women I knew who were the most successful at finding and creating what they wanted in their love lives with men all had a few KEY TRAITS or “habits” in common.

In other words, there are several specific actions and behaviors that these women do inside relationships that make a man FEEL close and deeply CONNECTED to them.

After studying these things that some women do, and others don't do with men, I've boiled them down to two basic “relationship skills̶.

And these two things directly relate to wheth1er a woman will have a strong, close and secure connection or “bond” with a man beyond the honeymoon stage...

Or if the man will start to question everything about the woman he's with and their relationship, and close off.


I learned something that works in every area of life by studying love and relationships.

People who are great with people and relationships tend to communicate in a way that is targeted or aimed at the OTHER PERSON'S point of view, experience, and level of understanding.

Translation: if you want to really connect with a man, then HIS LEVEL of "“emotional awareness” becomes YOUR CONTEXT for conversations about love and relationships.

Otherwise, he's not going to “get” or respond to anything you're talking about.

And everything you say and do to try and get him to understand you, and make him feel or act differently, will BACKFIRE.

And he'll become MORE DISTANT and LESS OPEN to communicating and understanding YOU.

And yeah, I get that a man SHOULD get most of this stuff that you probably already do about love and a relationship if he's in one with you-

But if he doesn't... don't make the FATAL MISTAKE tons of women make here by trying to CONVINCE him of what you know and feel, to be what he needs to think and feel also.

Assume a man has no idea of where you're coming from when you talk to him about something you'd like to be different in your relationship.

Let me teach you a trick I learned by watching women who are great at communicating with men in relationships...

An easy way to get in touch with his level of awareness and where he's at, is to ask him what he thinks about the relationships of the couples you both know.

You can learn a TON about how a man thinks about dating and relationships this way...

And learn how to approach him and communicate with him as a result.


A while back in my life, I started looking at relationships more like investments in people, instead of a way to get a pay-off for myself.

Investing usually means that you give up something big to get a little back consistently over time.

In other words, you don't expect an immediate, greater or equal return for what you're putting in.

It has become the Golden Rule that I've learned about people and relationships that helps keep me happy and sane:

“You'll always give more than you'll get - but it doesn't “cost” you anything to give... so keep giving without any immediate expectation.”

So yeah, I'm saying for you to be the person to make things happen.

Take the fate of your love life into your own hands.

Be generous, take action, surprise him and be spontaneous instead of waiting for him to do it with you.

I know this can be tough and frustrating.

If you're like most people, then you want someone to just “get you” and give you the kind of love and attention you crave.

But if you can separate what you want from what it takes to create it, you'll find that doing these things will get you RESULTS.

And you'll see that doing the things THAT WORK can be like magic with a man...

If you know what they are.

If you learn to trigger the responses and feelings that make a man feel MORE than physical attraction, and instead feel a deeper, more EMOTIONAL ATTRACTION, men can instantly become more open partners and lovers than they ever were before.

And here's the best part...

These effects can LAST - if you know how to keep these interactions going.

There's a way to share with a man, that won't frustrate you, leave you feeling unappreciated and left doing all the work.

It might seem like it sometimes, but you don't have to “carry all the weight” in a relationship with a man just to be close and loving.

In fact, this is a HUGE MISTAKE tons of women can't keep themselves from making.

But, if you want things to be different and easier in the LONG TERM, then you're going to have to learn what to do, and when to do it, when it comes to men and dating.

The BEST way to figure this out is to start understanding and identifying the signals and behaviors men send out.

Reading these signals, and knowing exactly what to expect in each critical situation from first date to a real commitment, can let you grow together from stage to stage smoothly and without conflict or the insecurity of uncertainty.

My eBook, “Catch Him And Keep Him” talks about how men act in each one of the different stages of dating and relationships, and what their behavior means at each critical moment.

It will give you REAL WORLD insights into what men think and feel, and what you can and need to expect, in the following areas:

- First dates - Sharing deeper emotions and feelings - Getting physical or intimate - Having “the talk” - Working out relationship “issues” - Creating a spoken and lasting commitment You can learn to spot the “silent” or indirect signals men send out about what they're thinking and what they're really looking for.

You might not see it now, but a man wants you to understand these signals and “get” him.

Especially if you're going to have a serious relationship that LASTS.

But you can only do this IF you know what to look for.

If you want to learn more about how to keep the powerful and emotionally addictive feelings of the honeymoon stage going after the honeymoon is over, and how to turn that into a lasting connection and relationship - then check out my ebook.

There's an entire section on the “psychology of men” when it comes to attraction, and how and why a man will commit to a long term relationship, or NOT.

After looking through literally thousands of books and research on the subject, I feel confident that my eBook is the world's best “REAL WORLD” reference and guide to understanding men and dating.

It will show you EXACTLY how to meet and attract a great guy, what to do and not do, and teach you step by step how to create a foundation for a relationship with a man that will be fulfilling and LAST.

If you learned just ONE thing that got you on your way to creating a happier and more love filled relationship, wouldn't it be worth looking at?

I'd say so.

In fact, I'm so sure that my ebook will DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE the quality of your love life, here's what I'm going to do...

I'm going to let you check out my eBook FREE for 7 days.

Read it, think about it, use it, try it out, and dig into each and every section and exercise.

Then... once you've been through it to see if it really works for you, decide if you want to keep it.

If not, just let me know and you won't be charged for anything. Period. No questions asked.

You literally have nothing to lose here -

And EVERYTHING in love and connection to gain.

I'm 110% confident that you're going to love my ebook and you'll want to tell your friends all about it - just like the literally thousands of women who have already downloaded and read my book.

Go here now and check out the details and download your free trial:

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Best of luck in life and love and I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

Christian Carter


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Anonymous said...

ARE YOU KIDDING TMW- Too much work!! Did my mother have to go through this crap to date my wonderful father? No way. Men were men then. We can do fine without you and your quirks and moods and dissapearing etc. Please stop the nonesense. Dating should be fun. I gave in and did one last speed dating. They guy said after looking on the map I lived too far (35 minutes away). My deceased husband rode his bike and hitch-hiked to see me before lhe had a car as a teen. Get some hutzpah, ment and get over yourselves and your issues.

Anonymous said...

Good God, where have the real men gone?
Too much psychobabble

Anonymous said...

Not all of us men leave after the honeymoon. Some of us have stayed through illness, treatments, breakdowns etc. I would just love a good woman to treat well. I don't expect someone to put up with this. Men better learn that modern women aren't waiting by the phone, but out enjoying each other, themselves and the world. You are losing out guys.

Anonymous said...

This is such horseshit.
Plain and simple ladies: when a man is interested...a man is interested....and if he just feels more than a physical connection with you--you DO NOT have to jump through hoops, and get a Masters Degree in Psychology to figure his next move! LOL--what nonsense I am reading. When a guy is READY--emotionally for relationship and mature enough to understand what a relationship is all about--he will be capable of taking it to the next step. Age has absolutely no bearing on maturity either. I remember dating a guy that would commute from NYC to Queens every day just to see me, spend quality time with me, sans sex too! That's right, he didn't find it to be a sacrifice or too much work, or an inconvenience...he insisted on doing so. That's interest. No 3-day rule, or hidden feelings, or playing hard to get there. It was all genuine. When a man or woman is intrigued, they don't simply close the door based on what county you live in! That's absurd. And if a person actually does that, he is quite ignorant and close-minded and should expect to live a long and lonely existence. Anyone that is emotionally ready to have a long-term healthy relationship knows and accepts the fact that the so-called honeymoon period--or courtship will inevitably end..with the man and woman. A couple that is truly compatible can still have that romance, and moments where they are still so into each other, but it's not as intense and consistently experienced every day. It's only natural to expect to slow down, and get more involved with everyday routines, and not have that butterfly in the stomach effect. It's called "feeling accepted" and being "one" with a person you can just be yourself with. Nothing more complicated than that. If a what a man or woman wants is that honeymoon feeling...they can continue on their path to affairs--and walk away once that is over. That simply demonstrates how inept and immature someone is. By the way, commenting on one man's is true--a woman that is confident, self-sufficient, is put together, attractive inside and out, and knows what she wants, is not going to play these games...she has little time to waste and a good support system with her friends--and is capable of living life on her terms and doing as she pleases and making her dreams come true--the last thing on her mind, is having to deal with absurd strategies as a means of attaining a man that is serious-minded. What rubbish.
A mature woman