Sunday, July 26, 2009

Men and Money

At a recent event, my friend Jennifer stopped by to say
hello. After the event, we had the following conversation:

Jay- "What do you think
about Zeek?" (a guy who was participating in the event and
who I knew personally.

Jennifer- "No thanks, I am
just not attracted to him. Well actually, what does he do for a

Jay- "He is in xxxyyyzzz"

Jennifer- "Forget
it. He doesn't make enough. I need a man that makes more
money than I do"

Jay- "So at first you said
not interested, but if he happened to be a doctor or lawyer, then you
might have changed your mind? What does it matter if you make
more money than he does?" What ever happened to getting
involved because you like the person and want to see if something can

Jennifer- "I am
accustomed to a certain lifestyle. I need a guy who makes at
least six figures, because I do. I have tried dating guys who
don't make as much as me and it just doesn't work. It bothers
the guys as well. They get an inferiority complex. Most
men want to earn more than a woman."

Jennifer- "Women in their
early 20's want someone who is hot and fun, someone they get along

Jennifer- "For women in
their late 20's, early 30's, the priority becomes friendship first,
then attraction."

Jennifer- "For women in
their mid 30's and up, it becomes about lifestyle. (standard of living
to which you have become accustomed)., the kind of life you will have
with this man. Looks and that other stuff is

Jay- "So when you
say lifestyle, you are talking about how much money the guy has?"

Jennifer- "I didn't say
that. Lifestyle is about the standard of living to which I have
been accustomed. I look at the type of life I can have with this
man. Looks and that other stuff is secondary."

Jay- It sounds to me like you
are still talking about how much money a guy makes.

Jennifer- "I need someone
who likes to do the same things as I do. Someone who can afford
it." I have supported my share of deadbeats, and I am not
doing it again"

Some very interesting comments. Please share your thoughts in
the blog.

Guys- Would it bother you or give you an inferiority complex if the
woman made more than you do?

Ladies- Is Jennifer right? Once you hit your mid 30's, it is
all about "lifestyle"?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jay gets a manicure

Is a guy with manicured nails a turn on, turn off, or makes no difference at all?
I am still a little stuck being traditional in certain areas (eg women wear earrings and get manicures, spend more; time getting ready than guys etc). The Metrosexual phase just never did it for me.

That being said, I have heard some guys talk about getting their nails done, and have had some female friends (some reading this right now), saying how great it feels to get a manicure and that I should get one. Since I have never had one in my life, I was a little curious to try it. Over time, I would pass by the salon, look in and see a bunch of women getting nails done, and could not get myself to go in.

Well a few days ago, I passed by the salon and it was completely empty, so I went in.
The woman was nice and tried to make small talk, although I really couldn't understand her. (She kept saying Korea, my country, mucho money, dating, and get married. I think she either wanted me to go to Korea to start a speed dating company or wanted to get married).

Twenty minutes later she finished my nails and told me to sit in another chair. Next thing I knew, she was doing my feet. Another woman came out of the back room and and then Mr. Kim entered the salon with a bag full of products. I think he was trying to sell me some imported cologne, but can not be 100% sure. The three of them started talking and laughing for the next 10 minutes until I was finished. This made me feel uncomfortable since I did not know what they were saying.

Have you seen the episode from Seinfeld where Elaine gets her nails done and suspects people are talking about her?

After I left the salon, I noticed my nails and toenails were shining in the sun. This just didn't seem right to me. My nails looked good, but guys are not supposed to have shiny nails!! Ok, Ok, I know I am in that traditional mindset, but I didn't like it. I spent the next two days trying to get rid of the shine with nail polish remover after asking female friends for help, but it didn't work. Finally after the advice of my dentist (a guy with daughters), I bought the right stuff (special pads) to kill the shine.

So, my days for now of getting manicures/pedicures are over. I am curious though as to whether women find a guy with shiny manicured nails attractive, and then maybe I would reconsider.

Much thanks