Monday, December 29, 2008

What it means if he doesnt call

By Christian Carter

What It Means If He Doesn’t Call

Ever wonder why the man you're dating and having an amazing time with doesn't call you very often?

Or worse... stops calling altogether?

If you've ever had this happen to you with a man, then you know how FRUSTRATING it can be when a man just suddenly stops calling for what seems like no good reason...

And you've spent more time than you'd like to admit wondering what happened and what YOU might have done wrong.

Most women in this situation fall into a kind of trap that seems to work against them...

Instead of recognizing that the man not calling is an important signal in of itself, they become obsessed with wanting to know what he's thinking and WHY he's acting this way.

But most women also know on an intuitive level that coming out and actually asking a man why he's acting this way wouldn't bring about anything good.

And guess what?

Their intuition is right.

With most men in this situation, if you want to connect with a man and grow closer, then the answer is NOT to try and get him to talk about his thoughts and feelings.

It's time you learned what it really means if a man isn't calling... and what to do about it to quickly "turn the tables" in your favor so that he's the one calling and asking you out.

I'll share this with you, but first I want you to read this email I got recently from a reader about this exact kind of situation.

**Question From A Reader**

Hi Christian,

First of all I think you are great and have learned a lot from reading your book. I am divorced and have been dating a widower for about a month. We get together once or twice a week - I don't expect more than that - as he lives about half an hour away from me. Our dates are great and there is a definite physical attraction on both sides. My problem is that in-between dates I don't hear from him. I know that he works hard and is bringing up 3 children on his own - but how long does it take to pick up the phone and ask me how I am? Am I asking too much? Is it too soon to expect anything? I don't want to complain and frighten him off, as I really like him. What do you suggest?

Looking forward to hearing from you R.J. from Illinois

**My Response**

Ok, let me get the facts straight here...

You've been out with a man for an entire month. (Not long at all, and effectively NO TIME in a man's mind)

You've seen each other once or twice a week or so for 3-4 whole weeks. (Not even enough for a man to see you as "dating")

And you know he is busy and raising three young children on his own. (His attention and focus is admittedly elsewhere.)

But in just a few dates you've already become disappointed and "bothered" by the way he's being... and you're wishing he would CHANGE.


This is bad for YOU, and for him.

The approach and mindset you have right now is almost guaranteed to make this man see you as too demanding and "needy" to want to be with you, when it's just a few weeks in.

So I hope you haven't started talking about all your feelings of disappointment with him yet.. because it wouldn't go over well with the way you're looking at things.

But here's the worst part of all this...

You already have my e-Book and you’re still asking me for the "easy" answer on this, as though there is some magic pill I can give you that will make a man act the way you want or expect him to be.

I'd like to be able to lie and tell you that I could change a man for you.

But I can't... and you know it.

The truth is, I've only got YOU to work with... and you've only got YOUR OWN thinking and your own behavior that you can use to make a difference.

It's time you started thinking about how you can take RESPONSIBILITY for creating the RESPONSE you want in a man...

Instead of sitting around frustrated that he hasn't met YOUR EXPECTATIONS you have for him. (Especially when he doesn't even know what these are)

You need to open up my e-Book and go to page 32.

On that page, I want you to read the section called "Initial Thoughts" at least twice and think about what's going on there.

I want you to think about the 2 types of people I talk about... and the kind of "magic mindset" that's going to help you naturally start creating great situations in your life.

Then I want you to think about how this relates to the idea of COMMUNICATING with a man in a way that creates ATTRACTION inside of him.

As opposed to communicating with a man in the way that KILLS the attraction he might be feeling for you.

Once you've thought about this, I want you to go to page 36 and read the section on "How To Be Honest About What You Want".

Pay attention here to the 4 important questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you get involved with a man, or start talking about your relationship with him.

And make sure you learn and understand what I call "a unique habit of happy people".

If you could apply this one simple habit to your love life, I know it would immediately give back to you the kind of understanding and satisfaction you're seeking but not meant to get yet from the man you're dating. (Hint - there's a reason why you and he aren't totally "connecting" yet, and it's NOT all about him)

And by the way, you can download a free trial copy of my e-Book at the link below right now, and be reading it in just a few minutes

Download and read my e-Book here right now:

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Now, you've also asked a great question in your email...

"Am I asking for too much from him?"

Simply put - YES. You're asking for too much because you shouldn't be ASKING HIM for what you want and then hoping that he "meets your demands".

This is a LOSING APPROACH that will 100% guarantee that a man won't want to give you what you're looking for.


Well, it's not because you actually are asking for too much.

It's OK to know that you'd like a man in your life who you're involved with to call you more.

But this isn't about whether this is ok for you to ask for.

No. This is all about THE WAY you ask, and the emotions and expectations a man will see that you're holding onto when you open your mouth and you've been going through a whole lot of disappointment and frustration with him... while he's thinking that you've been out on a few fun dates and everything is fine and dandy.


Here's something you might not have thought about...

Men often communicate and show their feelings in less "direct" ways than simply saying and expressing how the feel.

In fact, most men are a whole lot more conscious of DOING things than they are of how they effect and relate to others on an emotional level.

So... when a man doesn't call, it's often NOT an indication of something else going on in his head that he might want to talk to you about.

Often times it's simply an indication that he doesn't actually FEEL like spending more time around you.

So he simply doesn't call.

In other words, when it comes to men and dating, it's best to look at a man's ACTIONS and BEHAVIORS as the only TRUE INDICATION of how they really feel inside.

As a woman, you can probably spin your wheels dreaming up all kinds of incredible and elaborate ideas and scenarios for why a man isn't calling and what it means about his feelings and your situation.

But, if you're interested in doing more than analyzing and trying to figure out things in your own mind... then it's best to "read" the men you're dating early on by what they DO... and NOT what they SAY.

Which means... a man not calling you often, or at all, is an important signal in of itself.

If a man is spending time with a woman he "likes", but he isn't sure if he would want much more than a few casual dates with her... then here's what he does...

He only calls her every once in a while to keep the "connection" open... making sure not to let the connection die, but also making sure not to spend too much time with a woman or show her too many signs of interest that might indicate he'd want a more serious relationship.

And yes, some men actually think this way and are CONSCIOUS about NOT CALLING women very often if they don't want things to get more serious.

While other men who don't call are usually doing this inadvertently as they're going about their life and not thinking much about wanting more with a woman.

Here's what you need to take away from all this...

If a man isn't calling and you'd like him to call more and to grow in your relationship together, it really doesn't matter WHY.

The only things that matter are if he's not calling because he's not interested in a relationship with you… ever.


If he's not calling because he's just not feeling "that way" for you… YET.

Which begs the question - how do you get a man feeling "that way" for you if he's not feeling it yet?

Well, for starters, you need to STOP doing the things that will promise that a man WON'T feel it for you.


Or getting upset and hurt that he hasn't called when there's no "relationship" yet, and it's just YOUR EXPECTATION that he SHOULD call more.

Or generally taking on any other needy, clingy, or overly emotional behaviors that will have a man thinking you'd be nothing but a pain if he was to get to know you and involved in a real relationship with you.

What you need to do instead is to start to learn the behaviors that create the feeling of ATTRACTION inside a man.

Why attraction?

Because attraction is the one thing that will "override" all the logical reasons a man has for NOT wanting to get involved with a woman or stay single...

And will take over his "emotional world" and have him thinking and acting from his EMOTIONS with you... instead of his "logical mind" that will often try to RESIST a woman and a real committed relationship.

The truth is, if you learn how to keep that intense level of attraction ALIVE in your relationship... and you know how to make a man feel attracted to you on a physical, emotional, and "intellectual" level, then your relationship with him will largely take care of itself.

If you want to learn how to create an intense level of attraction in a man... and keep it going, then check out the chapter on “How To Attract Men” in my e-book now:

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Women Want you to approach them

By Carlos Xuma
Women want you to approach them.

This one is the one that kicks my butt every time. You see, most guys don't believe this, and a lot of guys don't WANT to believe it.

First of all, I have conducted surveys of women, as well as spoken to women in just about every situation imaginable, and there is a big misunderstanding here about what women want.
This is what guys assume:

"If I see an attractive woman when I'm out during the day, I want to meet her. But I'm pretty sure she's busy, and I'll just be a bother to her. She's obviously doing stuff and in a hurry. I don't want to annoy her."

The problem here comes when we make the assumption without VALIDATING it. We never check in to see if it's real.

Most guys will not approach because of this belief.

And the one guy in a thousand that DOES approach her goes in with this belief in his head, and his approach is weak and half-hearted. He doesn't carry himself with any confidence.
Ask yourself: Do you believe that women are bothered when men approach and talk to them?

Before you do anything else, I want you to read this.
I asked a very attractive Asian girl what her experience with guys approaching her was:
I asked: How frequently do guys approach you?

She said: "This week I'd say 0 guys approached. They showed interest but ... weren't able to turn it into a conversation..."

I asked: How many wanted to approach but didnt?
She said: "Percentage-wise, I'd say 95%."
Interesting, huh?
Now, I know that a lot of guys will hear that and say, "Well that's just ONE woman. Most women don't feel that way."


This is true for every woman I've ever talked to.
Here are the facts from a recent survey:
41% of the women I asked said that they are only annoyed at guys when they're boorish and crude...
36% said they are almost always flattered by the approach...
22% said they were excited and happy to meet someone new.

And - get this - 0% (ZERO!) said that they are annoyed all the time when guys approach them.

I also asked them:If you do go to bars, would you go to a bar to meet guys? Or something else?
35% said they went to have fun, but there was a possibility to meet someone...
65% said they don't really go to bars to meet men. They go to socialize and chill.
And - get this - 0% said they go to bars to meet men.

I personally think that every woman goes to bars with that hope in the back of her head that she will meet a guy, but it's not the primary reason she goes.

Women want men to approach them - and especially during the day - because most of the quality women don't go to bars to "pickup" guys.
In fact, here are some of the things women have told me when I asked them, "What would you say to guys who are out there and see a woman they want to talk to?"

- "Just do it - be a man - take the risk..."- "Suck it up and go for it!"- "Just be yourself; don't worry about the perfect pick-up line."- "Do it the worst thing that can happen is she said no But, what if she is interested..."- "PLEASE approach me because most of the time I am assuming that if you do not initiate a conversation, you are not available..."- "Go for it, there's nothing to lose..."

That's a pretty big kick in the butt to get going and do it, isn't it?
But I have to admit, there's not a lot of helpful advice in their words.

"Just do it" is a great slogan for sneakers, but if you could just "do it," you would be doing it, right?

Well, a while back I sat down with some friends of mine that are dating advisers and "gurus," and I recorded all my strategies for approaching women in any situation.
AND I completely broke down and explained my method for getting past Approach Anxiety.

That sick-to-your-stomach sensation of fear and nerves that hits you when you see a woman you want to go talk to... but you can't...
... but you REALLY want to...
... and you still can't...
... but you really want to get to meet her, and you know you HAVE to...
... and you STILL can't do it.

It's like a bouncer is holding your arms and legs and every time you start to move towards her, you freeze up and become paralyzed.
And the worst part about it?
You know that YOU are doing this to yourself.

It's time to get rid of this sensation once and for all.
Kill your approach anxiety, and learn the specific things to say and DO to approach women whenever and wherever you can.

Get a FREE EBOOK with more information from Carlos here

Monday, December 22, 2008

What if your intuition with a man is wrong?

By Christian Carter

Have you ever sat down with theman in your life and started talking to him andsharing things that you knew were special andimportant...

But instead of him listening and relatingto you and your feelings bringing you CLOSER-it made him become DISTANT and WITHDRAWN?

Sometimes it seems that the MORE it matters toyou, the harder it is to get a man to LISTEN andRESPOND.

Good communication has little to do with how muchor how little you care. Actually, the women whohave the most trouble with men and communicatingin relationships are women who don't take themature and healthy attitude of "owning" the waythe things that they SAY and DO with a man makehim RESPOND.

And until you decide to take the bold stepof taking responsibility for the RESPONSE youcreate inside a man with the way you shareyour thoughts and feelings... you're likelyto NEVER have the man in your life listeningto you and giving you what you want instead.

The quickest and easiest "crash course"in becoming a great communicator, getting thekinds of RESPONSES and LISTENING you want inyour relationship...

While at the same time showing a man thatyou're the kind of woman he wants to be withbecause you're so easy for him to talk to is righthere

Now, let's get into using the incredibleand unique power of using your own INTUITIONto "tune into" a man on a deeper level andbuild the level of intimacy and attractionhe feels with you...
Read the rest of the article and comment on it here
Let me ask you....

Have you ever been with a guy and he seemedto have it all together?

He was caring, loving, generous, presentand aware, and you had such an amazing timetogether.

But then his issues popped up out of NOWHERE.
Maybe his issues were some of the dreadedand predictable telltale signs of a confusedand withdrawing man.

Tell me if any of the following seem strangelyfamiliar to you:

-He starts acting restless and talking abouthow he isn't really ready to "settle down" andwants his "freedom"

-He tells you that he didn't see things getting"serious" so fast

-He doesn't make an effort to connect with you,give you praise or attention, and stops sharingany personal thoughts or feelings

-He stops making you a priority. He wants to spendall of his time with friends or other people anddoesn't value time together anymore

-He never initiates anymore. He isn't asphysically excited and into you as he was at first

-He starts flirting, talking to or even hangingout with other women

Recognize any of these?
Ouch, right?

So what in the world can you do about it whena man is acting so withdrawn and closed off likein these situations above?
Well, tell me...

Did you ever sense any of these things comingbefore they happened, or when they started, butyou didn't have any "proof"?

Fascinating how that works.

What's going on here?

Well, what's happening centers around animportant idea I want you to understand -

It's the idea that you instinctively know moreabout what's going on in the world aroundyou than you or your conscious mind fullyrecognizes.

So here's the deal...

You ALREADY HAVE a magical ability insideyou that comes up for you every once in a while.

So all you have to do is learn how toconsciously tune into it.

This "magic" is what we also refer to sometimesas INTUITION.

So how does it work and what is it?

In short, intuition is something that comes"pre-wired" in your brain.
The way your conscious and subconscious mindis hooked up to the rest of your complex bodysystems and senses make it possible.

So the good news is that this ability is therefor you anytime you want to use it.

But the bad news is that you have to taketime to fully tune into it and recognize yourability.

It a kind of "practice."

Music is a good way to explain it.

You can't just pick up an instrument and start
playing, right?

But once you start to become more aware of theinstrument, the music and how to play, thingsstart to naturally fall into place.

And soon, sounds, melodies and rhythms juststart to flow out of you in the moment.

Like they appear out of thin air, and nothingcould feel more natural.

And your mind is able to process all theinformation coming at it that used to overload it.

But now it can take it all in and use it toactually ANTICIPATE what's next.

Well, this is EXACTLY what this magical abilityof yours called intuition is like.

Your mind is constantly picking up oninformation from your environment, even whenyou're not really conscious of it.

And all that information is being "processed"over and over to try and calculate the risk,danger, and expectations from your environment totry to find a way towards the outcome you want.
So let's get to it.

Here's something you already know...

Men don't make it very easy for open andhonest communication about what's happeningand what's going on in your relationship.

That's why I don't have to tell you thatmen can be bad communicators when it comes totheir feelings, emotions and intentionsaround love and relationships.
But give them a sports game and they'll giveit all kinds of meaning and emotion that you'venever seem them share before.

What a bunch of apes...LOL
So knowing that men can be BAD COMMUNICATORS,and that they can have serious shortcomings withsharing their feelings or simply knowing how theyare feeling in a given moment and being able toarticulate it leaves you with a personalchoice to make.

You can either:
A) Do nothing about it and continue to beshocked, frustrated, surprised and hurt bythe things that men do and say (or don't door say) and have your relationship stay "stuck"in the same place. Or...

B) You can start to create a more perceptiveand insightful way of being in your own lifeand relationships by using your naturalintuitive abilities... and changing the wayyou and a man COMMUNICATE.

Here's the thing...
Using your intuition will not only help youunderstand a man better, but help guide youto an even more rewarding benefit - to helphim understand YOU.
So which one will it be?
Choice A - do nothing and stay "stuck"?

Or Choice B - grow and learn?
Nod if you're choosing B - more perceptionand insight.
And if you're still stuck in the trap ofChoice A where things aren't great but youalways get to be "right" when the man in yourlife disappoints you... then go ahead and stopreading.
I don't want to waste our time.
Good. Glad you're still here.
Let's get to it then...

Using your intuition might be the best, andin some situations, the ONLY way, that you'll beable to know what's really going on inside themind of a man.

And even better, the best way to find a wayto help him understand YOU and your feelings.
But if you're completely honest, I thinkyou'll remember that deep down even YOU don'talways know exactly what your feelings mean orhow to make sense of it all. So how do you expect a man to take in thesmall part of your feelings that you can explainwith words and understand and relate to you?

Here's an answer to get you started -
Use your intuition and let it guide you.
So how do you do that?
I'm going to give you a short-cut guide togetting in touch with your intuition.
That way, you can start getting the benefitsof understanding and becoming understood.

Step 1: Clear Your Mind Of Fear And Doubt
Some women end up worrying almost obsessivelythat something is wrong or going badly with aguy they're interested in or dating once theysee some negative sign or pattern.
And once this happens, they want to knowwhat's going on so intently, and often expectthe bad, that they let their negative thoughtstake over.
If you want to be able to use your intuition,you need to start interrupting that voice inyour head that's the "fearmonger."
You know the one - that voice that's alwaysworrying just to try and keep you safe andprotected... And to predict all the bad thingsyou've seen and felt before so that you don'thave to go through them again.
The thing is, you can't find the truth ina situation if you and your mind is buried insideyour mind in fears and doubts.
Have you ever seen how arrogant people oftencover up or ignore real problems around themjust because they want to believe they're alwaysright - no matter what the cost?
Same idea.
Keep a balanced and objective mind set.
That way your beliefs systems aren't allmixed up with negative thoughts and fears.
If they are, there's no way for you to seethe real "cause and effect" around you.
You'll just see what your mind is fearfuland afraid of - and this only helps bring thesame kind of negative situations and experiencesyou've had in the past into your life again.
Don't do it!
By the way... if you're having a tough timemoving past any painful or negative thoughtsor experiences from your past... or you seethat often times it's YOUR negative and fearfulemotions that end up getting in your way andruin things with men, then I would STRONGLYSUGGEST that you take a minute and read theletter at the link below to help get thosenegative thoughts and patterns out of your lifeonce and for all.
Don't let the things that don't define youand aren't your personal best push away theman you're meant to be with.
Check out free tips and the in-depth programI've created to help you get into a positiveand healthy state that will naturally draw theright man to you and let him know you're thekind of woman he wants to love and be with.
Help yourself, and the man in your life,enjoy your "best self" here

Step 2: Accept That Men Don't Make "Sense"
All those frustrating things that men dothat don't make any sense to you as a womanwill NEVER MAKE SENSE.
Stop trying to make sense of them.
Trying to make sense of a man in your ownterms is entirely counterproductive and willonly make you frustrated.
To learn about things you don't alreadyknow, like intuitive ideas, you have to haveto look with a different set of eyes - notthe same ones you always use for yourself.

Step 3: You Can't Figure Everything Out
Have you ever REALLY hit it off with a guybut after a few weeks or months, even thoughthings seemed great, the man pulled away andstarting acting distant and cold?
Most men, at one time or another, do thingslike this that are impossible to analyze andfigure out.
So... EXPECT to NOT UNDERSTAND everything a man does.
If you can become more comfortable with theidea of not knowing everything about WHY a mandoes what he does, then you'll feel a strangesense of calm relaxation - along with an increasein your own self-confidence.
And guess what? This ends up being VERY UNIQUEand very ATTRACTIVE when a man sees and sensesthat you can be confident and "centered" inthose times where other women he knows have acteda little "too emotional" for him.
Now, I'm not saying that it's OK for a man todo whatever he wants, and that you should acceptany negative and withdrawing behaviors withouthaving your own feelings about it - and"pretending" it's all ok.
But the more relaxed and positive you thinkand feel around these things, no matter what theman is doing, the sooner you'll stop fightingeverything in your mind and start creating bettersituations for yourself.
It's frustrating and counterintuitive, butaccepting what's going on and moving forwardfrom that reality in a positive way changes thewhole frame of the situation.
There's a funny thing about the way the worldworks... and especially about how men are when itcomes to relationships with women -
Any "force" or "energy" that you apply to asituation with a man... there will be a responsethat's equal in force to what you're doing.
This is a basic law of the universe - everyforce produces a response of equal force.
So if the "energy" you're applying is anxious,fearful, uncertain, etc. than guess what you'regoing to get back from a man?
You guessed it - the same kind of energyin response.
But some women get stuck in the "I needto understand why he did this and THEN I'llfigure out how to feel and act" mind set. Sothey keep on pressing and using the force theyfeel... thinking it will somehow transform intoconnection and understanding from a man.
I'll put it to you straight - this NEVERleads to clear thinking and positive action.
And more importantly, it never gets youthe kind of connection and response you wantwith a man.
Quick note here - what if instead of usingfearful, anxious, negative energy that turns aman off, you were to have the kind of energythat would ATTRACT a man instead?
How do you "get" the kind of energy thattells a man that you're the ONLY woman he wantsto be with?
...that you're unique and worthy of his timeand attention?
...that he really got "lucky" the day he metYOU?
I'll tell you how - you get it by doing andsaying the things that trigger emotionalattraction in a man.
If he can't help but wonder and think about youall the time, he's going to pursue you in orderto be close to you. If you create real and lastingATTRACTION in his mind, he won't even be ableto help himself.
He's going to do what it takes to be with you.
Find out how to BE the kind of woman a manfinds irresistible, by clicking here:

Step 4: Listen For More Than Words
Intuition doesn't talk in straight answers,or in plain logical English.
It's much more abstract.
Your intuition talks to you through feelings,images, and bodily sensations such as "gutfeelings."
Most people, especially women I know, areusually in an open and relaxed state when theyget intuitive gut feelings and understandings.
I couldn't talk highly enough about meditation,but I know it's not for everybody.
If you don't think you have a strongintuitive sense, simply try asking yourselfmore questions and keep them mulling aroundin your mind.
When you've got something in the back ofyour mind, something amazing happens withoutyou even trying.
Your brain takes notice and uses all yoursenses to find any sign or trace of informationthat relates to your questions as you go aboutyour day.
It's kind of like a search running inthe background on your computer - even thoughyou're doing something else it doesn't stoplooking.
After you've asked your questions, yourmind will start sending you ideas, feelingsand images without you even thinking about it.
But sometimes it usually takes more timethan you'd like.
Finally, your intuitive voice will eventuallyjust pop up and start to give you hints andinformation without you even asking for it.
And then it's up to you to pay attention,acknowledge it and make good use of it.
The huge mistake too many women make iswhen they get intuitive messages that theydon't like, or that scare them.
When this happens, a mature Woman will lookat the intuitive message she's getting and goto a place of figuring out how she can usethe message she's getting in a constructiveway for herself - and for her relationship.
An immature woman (a Girl) will get veryupset about receiving a negative message, andwill get thrown off emotionally to the pointwhere she will say things that shows she's notin a very fun and attractive place personally andemotionally.
When a man sees this, it would be great ifhe would always stop and say,
"Hey, are you ok? Do you want to talk aboutit, honey?"
But I think you know that this is NOT whatmost men will do in these situations. Especiallyif you're in a "newer" relationship... or you'vebeen in a relationship where you've been actinghurt or upset often around a man.
At these times, most men will either PULL AWAYto try and avoid the negative emotions they cansee and sense in you...
Or they will get irritated or frustrated withyou and want you to simply get rid of your ownfeelings.
Either way, it doesn't work out well. At all.

Step 5: Practice Your Intuitive Abilities
One of my favorite things to do is to trainand tune my intuition with each new person Imeet.
And I've personally found that body languagehas become the thing that gives me specialintuitive hints about people and situations.
If you're new to using your intuition or you'reconcerned about if or how to act on it, startwith smaller things that might be less important.
Like whether or not you should go away forthe weekend or if your friend will like the giftyou've been thinking about for them.
That way, you can be practicing and learnto use your intuition without doing it inhigh-risk or high-pressure situations.
This will help you develop your abilities andbecome more comfortable to trust what you find.

Step 6: Act With The "Long-Term" In Mind
Years ago I had a huge learning experiencewhen it came to using and listening to myintuition in the right way.
I was working at a company that had laid offseveral people and I began to worry that myperformance was being scrutinized and that I wasin danger of losing my job, too.
I began to work harder than ever, hoping toshow them how valuable I was to the company andhow much they stood to lose if they laid me off.
One day, they called me into a meeting and Ithought, "Uh oh. This is it." I thought I wasgetting let go.
Before they could say anything, I startedlisting all the ways I was working hard. But Istarted blaming the managers for a lot of thethings I thought were wrong with the company.
Fortunately, they stopped me before I went "toofar" and said too much. They told me they hadnoticed how much I had accomplished recentlyand wanted to express their appreciation.
The meeting went nothing like I had expected.
End of story.
Thinking back, my intuition had alerted me sothat I'd be aware of what was going on, which wasgood because I was able to "step up" at a verycrucial time.
But the mistake I made was taking thatinformation and using it to justify my own fearsand insecurities.
If I would have taken the information, beenpatient with it and applied it towards my goalsin a positive context, then the entire experienceknowing that the managers were watching my workwould have been different.
Maybe even productive for me.

But I didn't use my intuition to see my wayto something better. I simply used it as a meansto worry and stress myself out over my own fears.
So all this talk about intuition...
How does it really apply to the men in yourlife, dating and relationships?
Well, take a man with some of those commonnegative male behaviors-
-fear of intimacy-inability to commit-flirting, cheating-withdrawal
Intuition can help you see past these thingsand understand them in the larger context of thedeeper, real psychological and emotional "stuff"that's hiding beneath the surface.
Your intuition could even help you cutthrough a man's ego and persona to get to thereal person that's often hard to find.

Intuition is probably the best tool forbeing able to identify good and bad qualitiesin a man.
A man's external or surface behavior andattitude can be very different than his deeperdesires and intentions - as you probablyalready know.
Some men are, unfortunately, just good atplaying the part of an emotionally stable,available and loving guy for a while, even ifthey aren't.
So it's really up to YOU to learn to getto the "deeper emotional truth" of any manyou're interested in or dating.
And yeah, I know men can be soooo frustrating.

In a better world, men would be able to tellyou honestly and sincerely where they were at.
But as you know, MEN SUCK sometimes.
And a man will basically NEVER be able totell you clearly and honestly everything hefeels or what he wants when you ask him.
So if you're constantly surprised, blind-sided or confused by what men around you do,then it's time to get in touch with not onlyyour intuition, but the other knowledge andskills that you can put to work for yourself.

Your heart and your love-life deserve it.
In my "Inside The Mind Of A Man" program,I reveal the "inner psychology" of men when itcomes to dating, relationships, love and sex, sothat you can get a better understanding of whereyour man is coming from, and how to handleevery one of those "weird" but common malebehaviors I mentioned earlier.

Remember, learning to understand is one ofthe best ways to be understood.
With my "Inside The Mind Of A Man" program,you'll learn to quickly identify what a man isthinking and feeling with you - without lettingthose self-destructive fears pop up that sooften cause us to react in fear, anger orfrustration.
Have you ever built up all kinds offrustration about a man, and when you finallytalked to him, it all came out in a destructivewhirlwind that only pushed him away?

Stop doing that to yourself and to yourrelationships.
It's easy to inspire a man to really love andappreciate everything about your relationship.
It all starts with a basic UNDERSTANDING ofwhat HE needs in order to feel like he's the rightpartner for YOU.
Go here now and learn what men really needin order to feel "in love" with you and in orderto know that you are "tuned in" with him everystep of the way:

Get it here

I'll talk to you again soon, and best of luckin Life and Love.

Your Friend,
Christian Carter
P.S. How does a man decide whether or not to"get serious" with a woman after dating her for awhile?
If you've ever felt "stuck" in your love lifebecause you didn't know how to break through the"casual dating" stage with a man and move into areal and committed relationship, I can help.
If you know much about men, then you probablyalready know that the answer with a man in thissituation is NOT to ask him for a commitment.
Lots of women try this and become frustratedand baffled when the man they thought they wereclose to completely pulls away from them or eventries to end the relationship all together.
If you want to grow your relationship with aman, the best way to move into a committedrelationship isn't to come up against his"EMOTIONAL RESISTANCE" to commitment when youbring it up.
The best relationships that women enjoy most,and that last the longest, are the ones where THEMAN is leading the woman into a committedrelationship.
Where HE is asking HER to COMMIT TO HIM.
But for lots of women, things seem to getterribly turned around.
For the greatest chance at happiness andsuccess with a man, and to be able to quickly andeasily move from a casual situation to a real andcommitted relationship with a man, the answer isto learn:
1) How the commitment process works for him
2) How to make a man want to be with you and leadyou into a committed relationship
3) How to keep your relationship growing andhealthy so that you both stay emotionally involvedand fulfilled by the relationship
Most women NEVER learn these things, and as aresult, they never have the kind of success indating and relationships with men they reallywant.
This is exactly what you'll learn in my "FromCasual To Committed" program.
So don't wait for your relationship to figureitself out if you're in one.
Don't wait for a man to figure it out and makeyour relationship work for you.
Don't wait until you're dating the right guyand in a great relationship to learn how to helpit grow and make it work with him.
Make it happen now.
Learn more, and get your trial copy of thisprogram right here:

Sunday, December 07, 2008

If you want to meet more people, look at them and smile


If You Want to Meet More People, Look at Them and Smile
I have the secret to dating success! If you want to meet more people, don’t be coy. Look directly at them and smile. That’s according to researchers at Aberdeen University, who studied how facial expressions affect attraction. Here are the details, courtesy of the BBC:
The scientists took two headshots of different models - one smiling, and one not. Then, they digitally altered the photos so they had a second set in which the eyes were looking away from the camera.
When they showed the photos to volunteers, everyone like the smiling pictures best. No surprise there. On average, ratings were 6 times higher for the models who were looking directly at the camera than those whose gaze was averted - even when the photos were of the same person!

What’s this mean to you? The researchers believe that when you smile and make eye contact, you’re perceived as being more open to communication. So, if you have a picture on a dating site, make sure you’re looking straight into the camera. You’re likely to get more responses. If you’re meeting people in person, look them in the eye and flash those pearly whites. It’s scientifically proven to make you more attractive.

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