Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sex Education for Singles?

Hi Jay,I attended one of the single events at the Commack bowling alley back in December. I was the very energetic Morgan.

I am currently at a professional conference for educators in which many of us in the field are discussing how people our own age DO NOT know the updates on birth control and Sex Education.

Since some people are newly divorced, they might remember what they were taught in school, yet need an update.What do you think about offering a "Women's only" and "Men's Only" update on sexuality issue for the singles that use your services? I would love to offer a workshop for singles!!!

I am passionate about what I do, and I promise would make the evening fun!!!

What do you think Please comment on the blog if this is an event you would like to see. Secondly, if you do like the event idea would you prefer it to be women only, guys only, or co-ed?

Monday, February 02, 2009

How to tell if he is serious about you

By Christian Carter
It is every woman’s desire to be truly loved by a man. So how can you know whether he is truly serious about you? If you are in a relationship now and want to avoid a sudden heartbreak, you need to know whether your guy is fooling around with other women and especially with you. Here are some useful hints and tips that might help you to understand your guy’s feelings for you are true or not.

One of the most useful hint is accountability for his schedule. If the guy is honest he will tell about what he does. But if he is fooling around he will be reluctant to tell what he was doing during a particular time period. This means that he is hiding something from you.Particularly , another woman. Ask your man casually what he was doing in a certain time and if he goes to defensive mode or remains silent, beware!

It is more likely that he is using you and you must expect to be dumped soon.
If a guy is into a serious relationship, he has loads of long term plans. Ask your man how he sees you relationship in about three or four years from now. If he is serious about the relationship he will give a satisfactory answer. Ifnot it is better for you to go into defensive as he is thinking short term and might be using you!

Okay, girls beware of these signals to avoid heartbreaks. Every woman want to avoid serious heartbreaks and being dumped. Also what you must keep in mind is that each and every guy is different and unique. Therefore above may not be true to everybody.

But if you look at the bigger picture you might be aware that most guys do show these signs when they are not serious. These signs have many faces. So take your time to interpret them so that you can take necessary precautions and get ready when something goes wrong.

To get more tips and a free ebook visit Christian Carters Website

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