Friday, January 07, 2011

Women confusing men

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Ladies, You’re Baffling The Guys in Your Life!

Gals, you are conveying a large amount of mixed messages - and puzzling us men. You desire to be the boss, at work and at home. You desire to be self-reliant and equal. But, when it reaches romance, you prefer it old fashioned, where the person in your life gives you flowers and jewellery, plans your dates, chooses the eating places, picks up the tab, plus holds the door for you. That’s leaving a considerable amount of men confused.

Dr. Tara Sommer, a professor from the University of Nevada, affirms regardless of how commanding and self-reliant a lady is, she still wants to be pursued, protected and cared for. Why? Because being wooed ties into age-old instincts - and boosts ranges of feel-good and bonding hormones, like dopamine and oxytocin. Each time a man brings you flowers, or drives you to your airport, it displays he’s taking good care of you, and women who are tough in the office may experience much more of a need to be treated like a lady at home.

The picture of old-fashioned romance can be drilled into our heads through our father and mother, links, ads, movie channels, plus realism shows like “The Bachelor.” Technology has made everything less romantic - with dates being replaced with offers to “hang out” plus letters being replaced by text. Since the 70s, men have learned to treat women as equals.

So they worry that if he takes her coat, or insists on paying for dinner, the woman may feel insulted!

So, what’s the fix? Professor Sommer affirms it’s easy. Don’t make men guess what you fancy. Instead, converse your expectations. Say, more often than not, that you aspire to be equivalent partners plus contribute to the load, but on date nights and extraordinary events, you’d like him to take the lead.

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