Sunday, February 24, 2008

G String and the Gym

A note from Dave

Hi Jay, I really enjoy reading your blogs and was hoping you could ask your female readers to comment on something.
While at the gym, I saw this absolutely gorgeous woman working out. She had a gorgeous face and an amazing body, wearing very tight clothes. While she was working out, everyone could see her g string coming out. She caught me looking and gave me the dirtiest look I have ever seen.
I just don't get it. She obviously was dressed like that because she wanted the attention, but then gets mad when people are looking. Why the heck do women dress sexy like that, and then get mad if a man is looking!!

Well ladies, can you answer this? Please comment in the blog.
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What Men are Trying to Say


It’s time for a “Manglish” lesson! Scott Haltzman is the author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men, and he believes the differences between men and women cause serious miscommunication. His ‘Man-speak to English’ dictionary will help you understand what men really mean.

When a guy says, “We should hang out some time,” he means: “I want to ask you out, but I’m afraid you'll say ‘no’.” That way, if you blow off his offer to ‘hang out’, it does minimal damage to his fragile male ego because he never really asked you out anyway. Ladies, know that to a guy, ‘hanging out’, is actually a date.

When a man compliments your clothing, he's complimenting your looks. Most men don’t care about fashion. They want you to know you’re attractive without making you uncomfortable.

The 3rd entry in our ‘Man-speak to English’ dictionary: “You’re too good for me.” Ladies, men are chickens when it comes to emotional discussions. So, when you hear that or a line like, “Maybe we should take a break from each other,” he’s trying to get out of the relationship without having a ‘big talk’ or hurting your feelings.

Which brings us to #4: “I’m listening.” When your man says he’s paying attention -but you know he's not, that’s another way of saying, “I really don’t want to get into a heavy discussion right now.” Don’t take it personally. Instead, be direct and to the point. If he still doesn’t respond, ask him when he’d like to continue the conversation.

If your man says, “I think I’m falling in love with you,” He's trying to say, “I love you, but I don't want to tell you until I’m sure you'll say it back.” For women, talking about emotions is a way to bond, but men see it as a sign of weakness. Words like “think” and “falling” allow males to express their emotions in a safe way – without actually committing to them.


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How do you know when somebody likes you?


Two words: body language! So, next time you’re on a date, here are the signs to look for – and the signs to put out there - if you’re interested in getting to date number 2. These tips come from David Givens, author of 'Love Signals: The Body Language of Courtship":

One of the first signals that someone is interested in you is: rapid eye blinking. The average person blinks 20 times a minute. But if they blink faster than that, they’re either under stress – or they’re attracted to you. 

Then there’s the mimic. If someone’s “into” you, they’ll mimic your behavior. For example, if you stretch, yawn, or lean, they do it, too. It means they’re paying attention to your actions and displaying a natural rapport. So, if you want your date to know you’re interested, make a point to mimic their behavior.

Another way to tell someone likes you is if they touch anything you usually carry. Like your cell phone, pen, or purse. Those things are called “body extensions,” and touching them means they may be getting ready to touch your hand.

There’s also the male reach. Men often reach toward someone they find attractive. Without making actual physical contact. For example, he reaches toward you across the table, and pats the tablecloth for emphasis.

There’s the hair preen. People tend to touch their hair, twirl the ends, or run their fingers through it when they’re near someone they like. Why? Because it calls attention to their face.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sugar Mamma's and Boy Toys


Romances between rich older men and beautiful, young women have gone on for centuries. But in 2008, the tables may have finally turned.

In Manhattan Thursday night, a speed-dating event sought to pair wealthy older women with younger, attractive men.  “Older women with younger men is absolutely becoming an emerging trend, says Jeremy Abelson, CEO of Pocket Change, an upscale living e-newsletter, and organizer of the event. “The reason I feel so good about what we’re doing is because we are supporting the fact that it's the women’s turn.”

The event was held at a posh, intimately lit bar atop a Midtown high rise. Women had to be older than 35 and earn a minimum salary of $500,000--or have at least $4 million in liquid assets. The men, however, were judged solely based on their physical attractiveness. 

“All I hear all day long is that ‘Oh, I’d really rather date a guy younger, who can keep up with me,” says Janis Spindel, a professional matchmaker and author. “So you know what, it was really time to give the women a turn.”

Spindel helped Pocket Change narrow down the 6,000 male applicants and hundreds of female applicants to just 15 attractive men and 15 wealthy women.
Women who pursue men more than seven years their junior are sometimes derogatorily referred to as “cougars,” because of the perception that they’re on the hunt. But times are changing.

Well-to-do middle-aged women are tired of seeing male counterparts with girls half their age, so at Pocket Change’s Sugar Mamas & Boy Toys event, these successful women got a shot at seeing how the other half lives. 

“At a certain age, the trophy wife syndrome is so prevalent," says Vivian Cha, a 47-year-old physician and speed-dating contestant. "The older man, in his 40s or 50s, goes for the younger blond bimbo, who’s 20 or 30 years old. We older women sort of get thrown to the dust, so I think this is a great idea.”

Attractive young men seeking their own Mrs. Robinson jumped at the chance to meet a woman with more “experience.”

“I’m definitely interested in being surprised or wowed," says Paul Janka, a 32-year-old writer who authored an online guidebook for men called "Getting Laid in NYC."
"If anyone’s going to do it, it’s some of these women who have the assets and the resources to put together exceptional getaway vacations.

"Some of these more mature women have a lot of bedroom experience under their belt, so to speak, so that could be interesting to explore, too,” he adds.

The idea of choosing a mate based on bank accounts or appearance may seem shallow to some, but not to Pocket Change’s Abelson.
“I think any time you imply that money has something to do with love, people get all up in arms about it, but it’s a fact of life,” she said.
For some, it’s a fact of later life.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

5 things Women shouldnt say to Men


You remember the playground rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words can never hurt me!” Well, that is SO not true! Ladies – here are the five things you should never say to a man – unless you want to get on his nerves. This intelligence comes from MSN Lifestyle:

The first no-no: “That looks cute.” Men want to look handsome, great or stylish. They never want to look cute. That’s a word that should only be used for puppies, toddlers and Hello Kitty merchandise. Men are supposed to be your protector and your rock and the minute you say “cute,” they'll never wear that shirt or hat or whatever it is again.

Another thing no guy wants to hear: “We need to talk.” The instant you say that, their brain goes on the defensive and they'll do whatever they can to get away from you and the dreaded “conversation.” Bottom line: If you want to discuss a delicate topic, take them somewhere they feel comfortable.  Like a sports bar. Then tell them how you feel. They won’t be happy to have “the talk” then either – but they'll be less likely to run.

Another no-no statement: “It’s just a game.” It’s never just a game. Sports are a major part of their lives   and their team’s successes and failures affect their mood as much as anything else. Saying “it’s just a game” makes their passions seem trivial and unimportant and they’re not. At least, not to them.  

Also, never say: “Nothing’s wrong.” If there was nothing wrong, your arms wouldn’t be crossed so tightly your head’s about to explode. Men are not mind-readers. They don’t know whether you’re upset because they left wet towels on the floor, or forgot your birthday. Tell them what’s going on and don’t make them guess – because they’ve got a pretty vivid imagination.

The final comment no man wants to hear: “Do you think she’s pretty?” If a beautiful woman walks by – or pops on the movie screen – the answer’s going to be “yes.” Just because we appreciate the scenery, doesn’t mean we think any less of you. So when an attractive woman rears her head – if you don’t want to know the answer, pretend you didn’t notice and we’ll do the same.

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