Sunday, February 24, 2008

How do you know when somebody likes you?


Two words: body language! So, next time you’re on a date, here are the signs to look for – and the signs to put out there - if you’re interested in getting to date number 2. These tips come from David Givens, author of 'Love Signals: The Body Language of Courtship":

One of the first signals that someone is interested in you is: rapid eye blinking. The average person blinks 20 times a minute. But if they blink faster than that, they’re either under stress – or they’re attracted to you. 

Then there’s the mimic. If someone’s “into” you, they’ll mimic your behavior. For example, if you stretch, yawn, or lean, they do it, too. It means they’re paying attention to your actions and displaying a natural rapport. So, if you want your date to know you’re interested, make a point to mimic their behavior.

Another way to tell someone likes you is if they touch anything you usually carry. Like your cell phone, pen, or purse. Those things are called “body extensions,” and touching them means they may be getting ready to touch your hand.

There’s also the male reach. Men often reach toward someone they find attractive. Without making actual physical contact. For example, he reaches toward you across the table, and pats the tablecloth for emphasis.

There’s the hair preen. People tend to touch their hair, twirl the ends, or run their fingers through it when they’re near someone they like. Why? Because it calls attention to their face.

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Liz said...

Rather than analyze every blink and muscular movement...if the guy makes concrete plans after date 1 - to go out again--it's that easy--he's interested enough. If not will hear one of the "S" words in a sentence that may go something like this:
We should do this again "sometime", "soon" or "some day"! And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize he is "JUST NOT INTO YOU". That simple. No blinking, hair twirling, or so-called body extensions required to arrive at such a conclusion. If a man is interested--he is basically looking to make plans - and usually on the weekend. El Fin! :)