Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Men are Trying to Say


It’s time for a “Manglish” lesson! Scott Haltzman is the author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men, and he believes the differences between men and women cause serious miscommunication. His ‘Man-speak to English’ dictionary will help you understand what men really mean.

When a guy says, “We should hang out some time,” he means: “I want to ask you out, but I’m afraid you'll say ‘no’.” That way, if you blow off his offer to ‘hang out’, it does minimal damage to his fragile male ego because he never really asked you out anyway. Ladies, know that to a guy, ‘hanging out’, is actually a date.

When a man compliments your clothing, he's complimenting your looks. Most men don’t care about fashion. They want you to know you’re attractive without making you uncomfortable.

The 3rd entry in our ‘Man-speak to English’ dictionary: “You’re too good for me.” Ladies, men are chickens when it comes to emotional discussions. So, when you hear that or a line like, “Maybe we should take a break from each other,” he’s trying to get out of the relationship without having a ‘big talk’ or hurting your feelings.

Which brings us to #4: “I’m listening.” When your man says he’s paying attention -but you know he's not, that’s another way of saying, “I really don’t want to get into a heavy discussion right now.” Don’t take it personally. Instead, be direct and to the point. If he still doesn’t respond, ask him when he’d like to continue the conversation.

If your man says, “I think I’m falling in love with you,” He's trying to say, “I love you, but I don't want to tell you until I’m sure you'll say it back.” For women, talking about emotions is a way to bond, but men see it as a sign of weakness. Words like “think” and “falling” allow males to express their emotions in a safe way – without actually committing to them.


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