Sunday, May 27, 2007

What are Horoscopes, anyway? And what do they have to do with relationships?

What are Horoscopes, anyway? And what do they have to do with relationships?

Horoscopes are a description of the ‘energies’ that are most likely to be swirling around during the time period for which the horoscope is written. Are they accurate for everybody? No, not all of the time. That would be impossible. A horoscope that is written for the entire population born under one zodiac sign can only provide a theme for the month (or week, or year). While some people find that their horoscope applies to them some of the time, most of the time it is just describing the situations that may present themselves, and opportunities that are most likely to appear. Astrology becomes very personalized and is a much more accurate tool for personality analysis and prediction when a specific date, time, and location of birth are used to draw up a person’s unique Birth Chart.

Everything astrological can only be used for entertainment, and by people over eighteen years of age. The legal reason that every astrologer has to add this disclaimer to his or her work is because although there are thousands of years of research and practical use behind astrology, no one has ever been able to figure out why it works. Astrologers know that the positions of the planets in the sky at any given time will most likely correspond with a specific event on earth. But until the day comes when we find out exactly why astrology can be so uncanny and accurate, there are laws to protect consumers from seeking the advice of astrologers, psychics and the like, in place of counseling by a licensed medical or mental health professional. In short, astrology and horoscopes are supposed to be fun! They are supposed to be interesting, maybe a little mysterious, and they can be immensely entertaining. And the most common reason people seek out astrology and horoscopes is to find out what they can expect in love and relationships!

In twelve years of doing readings, I have noticed that most of the people who come to me for astrology and tarot readings are people who are seeking something in the way of love and partnership. They want to know about their partners, or when they will find a suitable partner, and what kind of partner is suitable for them. But the key will always be to have a good time with it, take it with a grain of salt, and see where the information leads you. I hope you enjoy these romance and partnership horoscopes that I have written for you, which are based on what the planets will be ‘doing’ in the month to come. They cover all kinds of partnerships, including romantic, social, friendship-oriented, and work relationships. After all, soul mates are everywhere. And if you have any questions about your personal birth horoscope, contact me, so that we can have some fun looking into what the stars say for you!

Vanessa Calderon is a registered nurse on hiatus. She currently practices astrology and reads tarot by phone, and in person in Great Neck, Long Island. She loves giving seminars and providing “psychic” entertainment. Her specialties are relationships, compatibility and career readings. She also practices Reiki energy work and teaches Reiki classes at the same facility where she does her readings.

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Your Romance and Partnership Horoscope For June 2007from Vanessa Calderon (Seventh Sense Astrology)

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
Your ruling planet, Mars, will remain in your sign for the entire month of June. Feeling frisky? Probably…and assertiveness is your ally. Aries are known for their energy and courage, so use yours wisely to get what you want this month. A beautiful triangle of planets in fire signs right now is working in your favor during the first half of the month, so smile and don’t be afraid to approach people you might want to get to know. During the final week of June you will be feeling the intensity of another triangle of planets, which could bring answers about emotional issues, and an enlightening moment, which answers questions about what you really want.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
Your ruling planet, Venus, also happens to rule love and affection, which is why you are so cuddly and you have an eye for beauty. As Venus leaves the emotional sign of Cancer this month and moves into Leo, you notice the energy picks up on the dating scene and it’s time to get out there and do something you haven’t done in a while, or something that you have never tried. Interesting and spirited people can be found outside of your comfort zone, so get out there. At the very least, have fun watching other people entertain you with their antics and their contagious enthusiasm.

GEMINI (May 21 – June-21)
Happy birthday to all of you June Geminis! As the sun is crossing through your sign this month, it is tugging away at Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in such a way that takes you just where you always like to be: in the middle of a great conversation! If you go out and socialize, June will be the month to meet someone who is not only your intellectual equal, but who can teach you things you don’t already know (which isn’t much…). You should be meeting lots of interesting people, anyway, right through to next year, while Jupiter is moving through your “polar partner” sign, Sagittarius. “Learn, love, laugh” should be your motto.

CANCER (June 22 – July 23)
Venus is leaving your sign in the first week of June, Crabs, and Mercury has made his way in. This is an advantage to Cancereans because you are the emotional tides of the zodiac and when Mercury is placed in your sign, people tend to think more with their emotions than their heads. This is a language you can comfortably understand. Use temperance, however, so that you don’t communicate your emotions too impulsively, as Mars adds his fire to the mix up until the last week of the month. After that, you intuitively know all the right things to say.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)
You are normally the center of the party, Leo, but many Lions have been more reserved during the past year. Luckily the current dose of Jupiter and Mars at a lovely angle to your sign will make you feel more like getting out and enjoying yourself this summer. Venus in your sign in June has you looking your best. Oh, and that lucky Jupiter is going to stay in your house of dating and romance for quite a while. For the time being, focus on the social and networking aspect of your nature while the sun is in Gemini. At this time of year, you are likely to have opportunities to make some really great friends. The Venus factor we talked about earlier increases the likelihood that one of these new friends or contacts could lead to romance.

VIRGO (August 23 – Sept 22)
Uranus, the planet of surprises, has been slowly traveling through your solar house of partnerships over the last couple of years, no doubt leading you through some lessons about love, and other types of partnerships as well. That being said, the configuration of planets this June seem to be emphasizing career and issues at home, making you feel socially out of sync unless you make time for yourself to go out and live a little. It is times like these when you are really craving the stability that you need in your partnerships, so for now, look for company that has a more friendly, dependable tone to it. You appreciate your friends very much now and they seem to intuitively know what kind of scenery will cheer you up, and how to lighten the load.

LIBRA (Sept 23 - October 23)
Libra is the partnership sign, and since Venus has been in Cancer you have probably been feeling extra sentimental and gooey, maybe even to the point where you have been distracted at work. Venus is moving into Leo this month, which fires you up and gets you going again. This is especially exciting because you also have Mars, the planet of assertiveness and action, in your partnership house. This combination lightens the mood and urges you to take a more active role in several areas of your life. Try to steer clear of romance gossip at work, though, while Mercury, the planet of communication, opposes Pluto, the planet of secrets, in your career sector. Don’t be shocked if a secret crush gets revealed.

SCORPIO (October 24 – Nov 21)
You are in a groove that could lead you to find romance in places where money can be made, so keep an eye out for someone with whom you have received training, have done work with recently, or are working on a project with. Bosses and people in authority are also romantic prospects for you in June. We all know about Scorpio’s magnetic powers, and with Mercury currently tracking through your house of higher education and knowledge, and with the angle it is making to your ruling planet, you are even more apt to impress people this month with your knowledge, charm and wit. People will also be noticing the loving and romantic side of you while Venus crosses over your public point this month. Show off your softer side!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)
The first ten days of June are ripe for fruitful interactions with people you can totally relate to. If you meet too many of them, don’t worry, you have the opportunity to deepen a connection with a romantic prospect by the end of the month. It is the middle part of the month that will really tug on your heartstrings. You will be connecting with thoughts, people and cuisine from for off places, and will get the itch to travel. Sagittarius is the sign that is associated with foreign lands and foreign cultures, and you will notice these themes popping up this month more than usual. By the end of June, you will feel less dreamy and more attached to reality, which will give you the insight to determine if an attractive person you met recently is really worth your continued attention.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – January 19 )
Are people more emotional this month, Capricorn, and are you comfortable with it? You are very good at categorizing things, so if people seem to be less able to communicate efficiently, figure out a way to deal with it. Mercury is in your opposite sign, in your solar partnership house, and it will go retrograde in June. This means that you will have to hold on a bit longer until emotions come out of the clouds and back to earth. Be sensitive to partners, or even old flames who rehash old subjects and issues you thought were settled. Practical as you are, trust your intuition, because you can use it toward the end of the month to get answers to any questions you have about partnerships, romance and love. You will be in tune with what is in your best interest.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
Your sectors of self-identity, and partnerships, have been going through a cosmic overhaul over the past year and will continue to do so for a while. The sun is passing through your romance and dating house in June, however, so that means that the fun side of your romantic life is highlighted, instead of the serious side. To add to the happy news, Venus will be entering your solar partnership house. It is going to make a nice angle to lucky Jupiter in your sector of friends, hopes and wishes. Optimism is your best friend right now. Get out and enjoy your social activities, for you are in a position to find friends and love in the same places. You can go back to contemplating life and love later on.

PISCES (Feb 19 – March 20)
Is it possible to find love (or at least, intense like), through a family member, or at a family function? Yes, and you might have that opportunity in June. This is especially true during the first week, before Venus moves out of your romance sector, and into the sector where you provide service to your fellow man. You are the compassionate type, but be sure that you strive for equality in your partnerships this month, when the urge to fall for someone who needs your help might be strong. Toward the end of the month, a feeling you had about someone you know through work turns out to be true, or an issue rears it’s head and everyone has no choice than but to acknowledge that you were right.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some no no's for guys

I was talking with a female friend this week about a few of her recent dating experiences and it seemed like a good thing to share with you all.

*Date with Bobby- started out very good and she seemed to really enjoy his company until.....the end of the night when the check came after dinner. Bobby complained about how much the bill was and asked her to pay for half. Bobby is not getting a second date. My friend said "he picked the place and if it was too expensive, we should not have gone there."

*Date with Charlie- also started out great and everything flowed nicely over dinner. "I really liked him.....until the end of the night when he really blew it. After dinner we left the restaurant and it was pretty late. His car was parked out in front and mine was way in the back. He didn't offer to walk me to my car! It was late, dark and nobody was around." As far as a second date goes, Charlie may still get a second date. My friend is a little hesitant but liked him enough to give it another chance.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Breaking up by Text Message or Email

I was chatting with a young lady about her recent date and the conversation started out very positive. "Oh, he was great. We went out to dinner and had a fantastic time. I was looking forward to seeing him again, but then I got an email the next day. He said he enjoyed our date, but did not feel any chemistry. Oh well."

So what do you think about breaking up with someone via text or email? Has it happened to you? Have you done it to someone else?