Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dating someone with financial problems

I received the following recently:
Dear Jay,

I am wondering if any of your readers have faced a similar situation. I had gotten involved with a woman and everything was great. About six months into the relationship I found out that this gal had serious financial problems and was going to file for bankruptcy. From that point on, she started asking for me to put a lot of her personal living expense items (e.g. telephone, credit cards) in my name.

This started to cause a significant strain on our relationship and we are no longer together. I am sure I could have avoided this heart ache, had I known towards the beginning about her serious financial situation. It may have deterred me from getting involved.

At what point is it feasible to ask someone about their financial status?

Thank you,

So what do you all think about this? Comment in the blog

Monday, May 25, 2009

Body Hair- What do you think?

I was listening to Howard Stern a while back and heard a commercial for the ManGroomer. I have never had an issue with back hair, but then one day saw a little something where it didn't belong and decided to pick up the ManGroomer.

I had also heard a lot of female friends comment that back hair was a major turnoff, so I tend to make sure things are not growing where they do not belong.

So I recently became friends with another gal and the topic of body hair came up at a singles comedy event at the Brokerage. She said "As long as his private area is shaved, he could have back hair, nose hair, chest hair, or any other hair for that matter." Other female friends have recently said the same thing, (not about the privates), but that back hair is not really a turn off anymore.

So what do YOU think about back hair? or any type of hair for that matter?
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Friday, May 01, 2009

Cuddle Party? What do you think

So you watched the video? What do you think?