Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What Do Men and Women Really Think About Dating?

From Tesh.com

Yahoo Shine conducted a survey of over 2,000 people about everything from the perfect date, to whether chivalry is dead. Here are the answers:

•First, what do men and women want most in a relationship? It’s not looks. That was tied for #3 with shared interests and hobbies. #2 on the must-have dating list is brains, and #1 is personality.

•Another result of the dating survey: Men and women like different types of dates. Women prefer dates involving an activity, like bowling, hiking or going to the movies, while men prefer dinner and drinks, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

•Also: Chivalry is not dead. Half of the women surveyed said that chivalry “didn’t matter much” to them, but 69% of men consider themselves old-fashioned gentlemen, and are more than willing to open the door, and pick up the check.

•Another survey discovery: Men spend an average of $80 on a date – which is twice as much as women do when they pick up the tab. However, more women than ever are willing to split the bill after the third date.

•Both men and women said that dating is more complicated than ever. You have to pay attention to how you look and act while you’re on a date, but the way you present yourself online can also affect your love life. In fact, almost half of the respondents said they make the first move by “friending” someone they’re interested in on Facebook, and then make judgments based on what’s in the profile.

•Also, before your first date, you can bet you’ve been scoped out on Facebook, and that your date has Googled your name to see what kind of information is available about you on the Internet.

•Men and women both say that staying in touch via Facebook is fine, but 75% prefer a post first-date follow-up by phone. That means a call, not a text. Most of them want to hear from you within three days.

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