Sunday, December 07, 2008

If you want to meet more people, look at them and smile


If You Want to Meet More People, Look at Them and Smile
I have the secret to dating success! If you want to meet more people, don’t be coy. Look directly at them and smile. That’s according to researchers at Aberdeen University, who studied how facial expressions affect attraction. Here are the details, courtesy of the BBC:
The scientists took two headshots of different models - one smiling, and one not. Then, they digitally altered the photos so they had a second set in which the eyes were looking away from the camera.
When they showed the photos to volunteers, everyone like the smiling pictures best. No surprise there. On average, ratings were 6 times higher for the models who were looking directly at the camera than those whose gaze was averted - even when the photos were of the same person!

What’s this mean to you? The researchers believe that when you smile and make eye contact, you’re perceived as being more open to communication. So, if you have a picture on a dating site, make sure you’re looking straight into the camera. You’re likely to get more responses. If you’re meeting people in person, look them in the eye and flash those pearly whites. It’s scientifically proven to make you more attractive.

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i always do this not realizing lol i guess that is why i am always engaged in a convo