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October 2008 Love Horoscopes

Your October 2008 Romance and Partnership Horoscopes
By Vanessa Calderon, Seventh Sense Astrology

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
You may get a nice surprise pertaining to a partner’s finances and desires this month, Aries. What he or she reveals to you will be generally positive. Remember that the surprises are happy ones and enjoy them even if you aren’t keen on knowing that there has been some action going on behind your back. Genuine warmth will come through from the people closest to you when you least expect it. Listen to the advice of a close friend mid-month because his or her intuition will be right on target, especially concerning your relationships. Come to think of it, your own intuition and dreams could end up providing you with enough information to help you and your loved ones make decisions about your stability and your ambitions.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
Look in the mirror if you are wondering why there seems to be a brick wall in between you and your ability to meet new and attractive people. There might seem as if there is a wedge in communication with some one who is far away, and you would like to fix that right now. Remember that it could be your own stubbornness that is preventing your love life (as well as other areas of your life) from going smoothly. Passion and affection need to be expressed gently now. Toward the end of the month the sun illuminates the marriage and partnership sector of your horoscope so try to hang in there until then, when people are more willing to share their thoughts and emotions with you.

GEMINI (May21-June21)
You will feel the effects of your ruling planet, Mercury, being in “Retrograde” motion during the first few weeks of the month, and then communication snags should end there. You will likely have a difference in opinion with some one over a sum of money that is shared by at least two people. The atmosphere is playful at times, and intense at other times in terms of romance. People are more willing to open up to you and will basically agree with your views after the third weekend of the month. Before then, use your sense of humor and your ability to be impish if you want to get your way. You might have to work a little harder to get partners to get with your program this month, but they will be receptive to an innocent-yet-flirty approach.

CANCER (June 22-July 23)
You will be saying, “I told you so” about fifty times this month, Cancer, especially when you are discussing family-related situations with your loved ones. Your romantic partners and prospects are no exception here. You can bet that you have given some great advice recently and that you will be proven right on more than one count. You are one hot tamale for most of the month, when you are wearing your sensuality on your sleeve. You might not even mean to be doing this, but you seem to have Bedroom-Eyes syndrome and that should get you some attention. And, has anyone ever told you that if you use your voice just the right way, it can be hypnotic? Well, put it to good use during the last week of the month and see the objects of your desire come rolling in.

LEO (July 23- Aug 22)
Your intuition will reveal information about some one you share or once shared a home with, Leo. Go with it. The news may not be all positive, but it is not all that surprising either. Stand your ground on important issues regarding loved ones. Don’t worry about whether or not any arguments you have will bring an end to a relationship, because that is not likely to happen. People you spend a lot of time with, as well as people you would like to approach and get to know better will not be a mystery to you by the third week of the month. They will be much more open and willing to communicate, and to flirt as well. Watch out for your wallet toward the end of the month, especially if you have a sudden urge to buy some one a gift. Beware of extravagance and going over-the-top.

VIRGO (Aug 23- Sept 22)
Could it be that some one is going to bail you out of a minor cash shortage, Virgo? That is not your style but if you just kick back and let it happen you’ll get some stress off your back. Clamming up around people you love, or who should know more about you, is not going to cut it this month. Keeping your mouth shut is not serving you well. Perhaps Mercury will give you the jumpstart you need to start opening your mouth in regards to love and your needs by the third week of the month. It is going to be a good month for you to spend time in or around water. Maybe that is just what you need, a good quality get-away with a good friend (better yet with a romantic interest, or with a friend who has the potential to be more than a friend). If you can’t travel to another locale for some R&R, then make some at home for a few terribly luxurious baths, complete with candles and aromatherapy.

LIBRA (Sept 23- Oct 23)
You’re not getting anywhere till Mercury quits stalling near the third week of the month, so don’t even try. I’m only half kidding here. You are taking a tunnel-vision approach on one or two issues right now so you may come across as if you are all business, or that you are a very serious person. Things will get moving again toward the end of the month and you can breathe a sigh of relief, especially when you realize that you may have been worried about something for no reason. You are also being put on alert: you are attracting some sneaky or secretive people this month. Don’t be alarmed about it, just ride it out until the end of October. You will not get duped if you use common sense. Listen to what people say to you, but use your judgment as to whether or not you trust the information. New people you meet who really turn you on are likely to be short-term associations. They will interest you for a while and you’ll just naturally move on.

SCORPIO (Oct 24- Nov 21)
The ball is in your court for a good part of this month, Scorpio. You can have what you want and you will be plenty magnetic. A word of caution: keep your mouth shut until Mercury says it is ok to share important personal information after October 24th. Do not share secrets pertaining to yours, or other people’s romantic issues. Your judgment might be a bit clouded and your intuition could fool you; you don’t want to look like an untrustworthy partner or friend by month’s end. You could run the danger of misinterpreting what you see and know regarding romance and love until the sun enters your sign around the 23rd. Wait until the last week of the month to decide if a new and attractive associate is really interested, or if he or she is just a very playful flirt. Watch your wallet and don’t spend too much money on a romantic interest or a crush during the last week of the month.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22- Dec 21)
Your closest relationships are very intense during the first week of October. Take it easy, and make sure that you don’t say the wrong things, especially to some one who you consider to be a good friend. Financial issues may be at the forefront of your closest personal relationships until the third week of the month. Somewhere around the 20th, you might find that a relationship or partnership situation changes drastically. If you have patience, you will come out on the other side much better off than you were when the month began. Passionate feelings rise to the surface during the last week of the month much like they did in the first week, except now you have answers to a few problems that were puzzling you early on. Once Venus enters your own sign around the 20th, you will regain control over whatever might have gone haywire in your most important relationships. Step back and pause so that you can think clearly when interruptions and hiccups happen at home.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan 19)
Saturn, your ruler, enlists the help of friends in places and at times when you least expect it. You could feel like you are standing at the edge of a canyon at the beginning of the month, but the canyon isn’t as deep as you perceive it to be. A loved one or close romantic partner may have news for you in the first half of this month. Someone from your past may reappear unexpectedly, so be ready to entertain them in your home. The air is a bit tense in partnerships until the third week of the month when Mercury and the sun give you a break you have been looking for. You can expect any snags or disagreements with business and work partners to lighten up and get resolved during the last week of the month as well. Emotionally, you might feel like pulling back and hiding your true feelings during the end of the month, but don’t be afraid to express your love to someone when it is necessary.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20- Feb 20)
Even though communications near and far are at a standstill at the beginning of the month, you should not doubt your intuition regarding relationships and partnership matters. Even people with whom you work and do business are very supportive of you in October, so don’t let any snags in paperwork or contracts bother you. You might feel like you are at odds with close partners but you are actually just playing off of each other in a slightly sarcastic manner. It is a wonderful time for you to use your sixth sense to tap into a passionate vibe that exists between you and a lover, or a close friend. The mood lightens during the last week of the month when travel is possible and exciting people from far away appear in your life. This energy will be fun so enjoy it.

PISCES (Feb 21- March 20)
Expect a pleasant surprise regarding a serious personal or partnership matter in the beginning of the month, Pisces. Lingering money matters will be straightened out by the 20th when Mercury lifts the suspense and brings some closure regarding joint financial matters. Your instincts are on target this month. Use your power of persuasion to help a loved one avoid making a romantic mistake. Toward the end of the month the sun will move into Scorpio and Mars will remain in Scorpio as well, making you feel very comfortable and confident about venturing into more intense and risky partnerships. Take a chance on reaching out to some one you admire from afar toward the end of this month. Love can also be found at work, though these types of relationships might work out better if you wait until November to find out if the feelings are mutual. Scope a colleague’s situation out carefully before making a move.

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