Monday, March 10, 2008

Casino Gambling Night for Singles

People have been asking me for the last two years to do some type of casino gambling night, so it seems to be about that time. Here are a few options based on your feedback, and I am open to your other thoughts, so please feel free to comment.

A) Atlantic City or Foxwoods Trip. Unfortunately the cost and liability associated with getting a "singles bus" will be cost prohibitive. Therefore, I can put together a speicific date and we can all arrange for our own transportation. Another option is to meet at a specific location where the bus tours to these locations are open to the public.

B) Empire City at Yonkers Raceway. Not as large as option A, but much closer. I can put together a specific date and we can all arrange for our own transportation

C) Casino Night at a local Long Island or NYC Venue. You would NOT be playing for money, but rather for prizes. Games would include blackjack, poker, over under and more. Icebreakers would start off the night prior to the casino night.

D) Bingo FOR MONEY at a local Long Island or NYC church or temple. I think they still do these events weekly.

E) Your thoughts or other ideas?


Unknown said...

getting a "singles bus" would be cost prohibitive?? go inquire @ port jeff ferry or foxwoods itself, you can get a group deal for like 57 bucks/pp where it includes ferry ride to CT (great place to mingle over a cocktail, much better than confines of a bus), plus a bus to foxwoods and a few chips and i also think a meal is included.

Anonymous said...

i like choice "C".

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bruce. Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, both are nice.