Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ugly Men and Hot Women

The New York Daily News published an article today, March 26th that describes a study that found women who marry uglier men then themselves, have a happier marriage. The study came from the Journal of Family Psychology and was based on interviews with 82 newlywed couples.

Both spouses tended to behave more positively when wives were more attractive than their husbands and more negatively when husbands were more attractive than their wives," said the study by UCLA.

The study found that physical attraction for long term compatablilty was much more important to men than women.

"Physical attractiveness is not as important to women, in contrast, relative attractiveness may only affect them through its effect on their husbands," the study says.

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Anonymous said...

that is the single dumbest thing I have ever read in my life.

Attractiveness is relative. What one person likes another may despise.

Like I do not under any circumstances think christina aguilera, jennifer lopez or or beth "fake boobs" ostrosky are anything close to attractive. By comparison, mark anthony actually has TALENT where as jennifer lopez's best contribution to society since "selena" was "maid in manhatten", Howard stern has so much money that he can buy just about any woman he wants, and christina aguilera's "geeky" husband has, uh, a BRAIN.

Like the great Ronw White says, "Ya can't fix stupid".

Pretty girls are a dime-a-dozen. And from my experience, the smarter the chick, the better lover she is.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...what one fails to take into account in such an article is that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". What one deems unattractive may be beautiful to another. To me the outside is not as important as the inside. THAT is where true beauty is. Maybe it all boils down to the WAY in which we define beauty. And in such an article a very important part of the definition is missing.

Anonymous said...

Forget about beauty being on the inside,and forget about the genes...the bottom line is that men with wives prettier than they work harder to make a successful relationship. When a man always remembers to be romantic in the ways that please his sweetheart, and knows how to communicate effectively through good and bad, his woman will definately respond!!!!

Anonymous said...

HEY OUT THERE.., a question. Is it as shallow as what was just written? Does the reverse hold true? If I am a great person, nice looking, fun, loving and compassionate, do I not stand a chance because I am not what People Magazine defines as one of the top beautiful women?

Anonymous said...

I think women are more open minded. You rarely see a man with a woman less attractive than he.

Unknown said...

So, if it is about the inside of a person and women are open-minded, why don't women date or marry other women?

Jeff Magic Dating Coach said...

Women in general(not all)are less concerned with looks when choosing a mate(young women tend to be a little less forgiving). If you are at least an average looking male, who is funny, confident, and display value right out of the gate (first meeting a woman) will then be perceived very quickly by the woman as much better looking than you actually are.

Women ON AVERAGE(not all) can meet a man they are not remotely physically attracted to, and if given enough time to talk and get to know that man, will actually start to become more and more physically and sexually attracted to him. Confidence is the key.

Women have been looking for this "confidence" trait unconsciously for hundreds of thousands of years, because it meant safety for her and her children in prehistoric times.

On the other hand confidence for a woman will not get you very far at all with a man, in fact it may turn some men off. Men like woman to need them for open the peanut butter jar etc.

If you are a woman who is not a head turner, it can be challenging, but there is hope.
Men are genetically wired to seek out the most attractive mates they can find, so your plan of attack (attract) should be to dress sexy, wear clothes that show off your best assets, and hide your worst.

Learn how to use make-up to your advantage and make you look your best(natural looking made up faces is the key) and smile a lot.

GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR FEMININE SIDE. Wanna see feminine? watch Julie Roberts in "Pretty Woman" . Nothing turns a man on like a feminine woman. That means, voice tone, walk, body language, facial expressions etc.

Generally the more masculine the man, the more he will be drawn to his opposite(femininity) Everything I say here is a generality, and of course you can always find counter examples, but this is definitely top notch advice back up by years and years of research and personal experience.

You will have the larger amount of success to failure(rejection ratio)following this advice. It's like having the biggest net to catch fish in.

Oh, and NEVER NEVER FORGET.. SMILE SMILE SMILE it'll get you a mile :) Also FRESH BREATH..nothing is sexier than talking to someone who is smiling, has a twinkle in there eye and has fresh breath.

Nothing is more of a turn off than a frown and bad breath. Now, feel the fear and do it anyway. Go out and get..him or her tiger!

Jeff Magic

Perri said...

This article has no merit. I am ugly and I haven't had a date in nine years. So, what say you?

Anonymous said...

This whole arguement is moot. We are conditioned from birth by the media and corporations around us that we are meant to have a mate around us at some point in our lives, and that just isn't true. Don't buy into the hype. Break free from the big-brother mentality being thrust upon us everywhere we look or go. Realize "love" is nothing but a corporate financial tool.