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March 2008 Romance Horoscopes

March 2008 Romance Horoscopes-
From Vanessa Calderon

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
Venus, the goddess of love, will cross from your social, friendly and group-oriented sector into your personal, subconscious, and secretive sector this month, Aries. This means that the mood changes drastically for you just before the middle of the month. You will be dealing with your home life and family values, as well as any hidden information that your friends and lovers have been keeping under wraps. You will have to evaluate your deepest feelings about those who are closest to you, as well as decide how far you are willing to go to accept the darker qualities that exist in the people you love. You can pull the truth out of anyone now, and you might come across some unexpected skeletons in other people’s closets. Just remember that your skeletons are all going to be fair game for others to find out about as well.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
You become more sentimental this month, Taurus. You have the urge to move forward and take control of issues that face your loved ones. Your hard work in your relationships pays off around the middle of the month and people around you begin to return the extra attention you have been giving them. Make an effort to get out and socialize in the second half of the month, when the energy is ripe for you to find like-minded people for you to share thoughts and projects with. Love doesn’t only come in the form of romantic partners. Love takes flight while you immerse yourself altruistic pursuits as well.
GEMINI (May21-June21)
Interesting partners and acquaintances pop up in places where real estate and education meet. That sounds fairly specific, but if you wanted to learn more about the housing market, real estate finance, or any related fields, go for it. Keep your eyes open for potential partners places where you can discuss your work and your chosen profession in the second half of the month. People who have similar career interests and responsibilities are great prospects for long-term relationships, including those you may meet while on a job hunt. Long term changes will take place in your living situation over the next few years so you might want to delve into acquiring the knowledge to decorate, repair and enhance the value of your living quarters. Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are likely to etch some ties you make while pursuing these interests in stone.
CANCER (June 22-July 23)
Feeling frisky this month, Cancer? Maybe that spring fever is hitting you a little harder than other signs. Mars is giving you an energy boost and Venus begins the month in a place where your sensuality takes center stage. Jupiter is likely to bring you luck all year long in partnerships, even ones that change and evolve. Remember that luck doesn’t only mean receiving, luck also means shedding the old for a great new model you never even saw coming. You will be feeling idealistic about relationships in the second half of the month. Reach for the stars now, and don’t let anyone tell you that you are expecting too much. You can ask for what you deserve, including a little more attention from the people you love.
LEO (July 23- Aug 22)
The stars say that this month, your partners may make things out to be all about them. We know that you need some coddling too, Leo, and you are more likely to get the attention you want if you play hard to get. You can do this while casually peeking over your shoulder with that cute little sly grin on your face, knowing that the temperature will heat up later in the month as Mercury and Venus cuddle up in a nice, warm place. Take care not to get into a battle of the wills with a partner in the second half of the month. Steamier temperatures on the passion scale could also ignite a temper or two, especially when discussing serious relationship issues. Certain subjects that you might want to avoid discussing could result in a few cats getting out of their bags. Think before you speak if there is information you would rather keep to yourself. Don’t say or admit anything you would regret revealing later.
VIRGO (Aug 23- Sept 22)
Virgo is the perpetual helper of the zodiac. You want to help so much, in fact, that you have a reputation for doing too much for other people. Take note that March will bring you plenty of opportunities to go out of your way to help people, and that is the way you like it. If you can remember that you cannot control other people’s decisions just because you have done a lot for them, then you should be ok. There is a real possibility in the second half of this month that you will have googley eyes for someone you are supposed to be helping. People you have done favors for might end up being more than just casual acquaintances. You will benefit from keeping in contact with these people but remember that it might not be a good idea to take things a step further and blur the lines between professionalism, friendliness, and romance.
LIBRA (Sept 23- Oct 23)
Love will take on an air of detachment and respect this month. You are usually very romantic and even mushy at times, but March may bring circumstances wherein you are all business and are faced with serious or technical decisions regarding loved ones. You will do more for people based on their well being, than based on your own emotions. This is definitely a side of Libra that doesn’t get acknowledged often: the side of you that is detail oriented as opposed to romantic and flowery. You will get just as much love in return, though, for being up to date on the mundane needs of those around you as you would for providing candlelight and roses, so go with the current flow of mental energy. Be a great example of someone who can care for all of the needs of others, not just the ones that require your softer, congenial side. Negotiations go your way more easily this month.
SCORPIO (Oct 24- Nov 21)
March begins with Venus giving you a little challenge in the romance department. You might be feeling fenced in until the second week of the month when you get a burst of emotional energy from the water signs. You swim well in this energy. It falls in a place in your chart where romance abounds, and touches on a desire to spread your winds and fly. You might be drawn to unusual and eccentric people all month, which tingles your senses. This is marvelous for you because you are arguably the most sensual sign in the zodiac, hands down. Just don’t be disappointed if at first your muse plays hard to get. He or she will come around respond to your charms more readily in the second half of the month than in the first.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22- Dec 21)
Partners of many kinds have the potential to force issues dealing with money this month, Sag. All will not be nice and rosy until any financial paperwork or deals are approved and mutually agreed upon. Furthermore, any joint finances or shared resources, including but not limited to cars and real estate demand your attention. Not the most fun time of 2008 for you, but if you are willing to be creative and think outside of the box, you can work with your loved ones to maneuver bits and pieces here and there so that everyone comes out of this happier and satisfied. Lots of loose ends in relationships can be tied up this month. The first part of the month is better for dealing with the technical issues in relationships, and the second half is better for working out your emotional issues with other people.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan 19)
You have a powerful energy boost in the sectors of your birth chart that deal with your own self worth, and the opinions and actions of your partners. This is how the months begins and ends. Don’t be surprised if anyone you have a close relationship with challenges you to go deeper, or to toughen up. You may be asked to you-know-what or get off the pot, or you may be asking someone else to do the same thing. There isn’t a lot of wiggle room here, so be cautious about how you respond to perceived slights. Words that are spoken now can actually cement, or destroy, any relationship. On the more positive end of things, you have the potential to become absorbed in a partnership in a very deep way. You can also have a love at first sight experience. Enjoy it but make sure to confirm that it’s love, not lust.
AQUARIUS (Jan 20- Feb 20)
March begins with Venus in your sign and that makes you happy not just because it enhances your appearance, but because it also means that the general romantic energy that is swirling around is one you can relate to. Communicating your feelings is easy until the second week of the month when Venus and Mercury ask you to get a bit more serious about emotional ties. More introspection is needed as to how you value material things, but more importantly, the value you place on your loved ones. Joint financial resources will most likely be lucrative for you, but in a trickle-down sort of way. It seems as if there are lots of rewards coming to you for your hard work both in terms of money and in personal relationships, and they will. They just won’t all come at one time. It is better to get what you truly need in consistent drips and drabs, then to have the whole sky open up and dump it all on you at once.
PISCES (Feb 21- March 20)
March begins with you having the opportunity to associate with some interesting groups of people. People are looking to broaden their horizons and you are being asked to loosen up and have more fun. Not all changes have to be sad ones, and not all endings are really endings but the beginnings of new adventures. Someone like you who is of an emotional nature may take longer to see it that way, but once you do, you’ll be happy with the results of the sudden eruptions around you. Relationship challenges that you may encounter in the middle of the month probably stem from ideological differences and that is what makes them interesting. On the flip side, an infusion of passionate emotional energy is just what your relationships need now and you’ll get those waves from the middle of the month right through the end. March definitely won’t be boring.

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