Sunday, February 24, 2008

G String and the Gym

A note from Dave

Hi Jay, I really enjoy reading your blogs and was hoping you could ask your female readers to comment on something.
While at the gym, I saw this absolutely gorgeous woman working out. She had a gorgeous face and an amazing body, wearing very tight clothes. While she was working out, everyone could see her g string coming out. She caught me looking and gave me the dirtiest look I have ever seen.
I just don't get it. She obviously was dressed like that because she wanted the attention, but then gets mad when people are looking. Why the heck do women dress sexy like that, and then get mad if a man is looking!!

Well ladies, can you answer this? Please comment in the blog.
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Anonymous said...

It is the say you are looking like you are ready to pounce any minute. Keep it in and show interest another way like saying hello would be fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Women dress like that because they want attractive young men to look at them. The fact that non-gorgeous older men also look annoys them. Unfair? - absolutely. The way of the world? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how much of an age difference there is between you and she, but I know for me, I get disgusted when much older men check me out. Being that they are old enough to be my father (or grandfather sometimes), I feel they should have more decency and not look at a child, which from their older perspective, is what I would be. They should be better role models for the next generation and stick to women their own age.

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all the wearing of tight clothes, probably meaning spandex or lycra, does not mean she is looking to get attention. I personally wear tight fitted workout clothes to the gym. First, it allows me to make sure my form is correct and spandex is free moving allowing for easy movement. On top of which many workout brands have breathable lycra cutting down on the sweat spots. Now the thong sticking out could be many things. Maybe she was unaware. Maybe she just came from work and was rushing. And yes it could have been on purpose too.

I could ask why does a guy wear tight fitting underarmor shirts at the gym (some should not be wearing them). But who cares they are at the gym to work out.

Its not what the woman is wearing. You can tell those who are there to flirt and those who are there to work out. If this woman was seriously working out then what do you care what she wears. If she is there hardly working out, fixing her make up and her hair, then she is not there to work out and you are justified in complaining.

I flat out disagree with the insinuation that a woman needs to wear baggy sweatpants and an oversized tee shirt to be considered to be at a gym to work out. That is moronic. Next time maybe politely tell her that her underwear was showing unless you were drooling and looking like a creep before hand.

Anonymous said...

Tooo many unknown factors to answer this accurately. I have a feeling she didn't like the way you were looking at her, perhaps sneaking peeks and not drooling, or like another suggested, saying hello would probably be the best thing to do. And ladies, don't give those BS reasons for wearing skin tight clothes if you don't want to be looked at, wear sweat pants (you'll sweat more, thusly losing weight) and nobody will give you those looks, because they'll all be focused on me. Yes, I wear body armour, because my body should be looking at, and I'd rather see someone drooling, than nobody looking.

Anonymous said...

Women wear thongs, bikini cut, french cut and plain fruit-of-the-loom underwear because certain underwear may be more comfortable to their body shape.

I'm curious as to why you immediately assumed that she is trying to attract you or men in general? Does it every cross your mind that she could be married or that she might have a boyfriend and might be wearing them for him?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know-I don't wear any underwear under workout clothes at the gym. I know TMI-LOL. But seriously, Spandex is too tight for panty lines or G-strings crawling up your butt!! It looks and feels horrible.- Last I checked the USA is a democracy, so she can wear what she wants, and you can look at whatever you want- outside the female locker rooms that is.
Everyone knows a man created the G-string/Thong and it wasn't so a woman can look at it, or be comfy! Nothing wrong with incorporating flirting into a workout as long as both parties are into it. Apparantly, this girl is not. So, Just move on and eventually one of those G-string wearers will smile back at ya!

Amieestarr said...

Thong gal might have shot you the stink eye no matter what. I think you should concentrate your efforts on the attractive normal women with sweet dispositions. If my underwear was showing & a guy noticed, I would be modest, cover it up & be low key in my reaction. Then I would go back to my workout & weights....

Anonymous said...

Interesting repsonses! i'm a guy, and think if a woman wears something like that where she knows men will be there, and she doesn't like people looking at her, it's her fault and she shouldn't wear a thong at the gym.

I'd also like to just add something, wondering if other men feel the same way. I am a man and I think panty lines are very, very hot. Seeing a nice cut panty through pants or a skirt is just great. Thongs have no lines, which are good too, but panty lines are sexy. Hope the women reading understand this, as I've been told my my girlfriend that women hate when they show panty lines??????

Anonymous said...

the lady may not know her thong was showing .why didn't you tell her that it seemed like her clothes were comng undone in the rear?if she did this to flirt she would have ignored you.