Saturday, November 24, 2007

Truths Women should know

Based on the program from Jim and Judy

Dating isn’t a breeze. A vicious tornado is more like it. So, here’s some wisdom from top-notch experts. A few love truths every woman must know.

Truth #1:If he doesn’t call you in a week, he’s not interested. According to Dr. Judith Sherven, a clinical psychologist in New York, when a guy lets a week pass before contacting you, it’s his way of forcing “casualness” in the relationship. It’s an unspoken signal that he doesn’t want to pursue you seriously – either because the timing was off or he just didn’t click with you.

Truth #2:By date three, you might reject him. That’s the word from Dr. James Sneechowski, co-author of the book “Be Loved For Who You Really Are”. He says at this point, you start noticing flaws, but getting nitpicky is a sign you’re considering this guy as a possible partner. You start kicking the tires like you would a car because it’s a huge investment. So don’t run the other way when he starts falling from grace. Understand that this is totally normal, and get to know him well before you make any big decisions.

Truth #3:Don’t get stuck thinking that you only have ONE soul mate. According to Dr. Sneechowski, defining what you want EXACTLY in a partner is impractical. It keeps you from getting serious with different guys because you’re holding out for THE ONE. The doctor says soul mates aren’t hatched. They grow. You make a connection, build a relationship and then realize this is the person with whom you were meant to be.
So throw away that list of requirements and give the not-so-perfect guys a chance.

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Unknown said...

Jay - thanks for running the interview of us - Judith & Jim! Those dating truths deserve to make their way around the world!
And will save many from divorce later on!
Judith Sherven

Anonymous said...

This article is wonderful, short and to the point. These basic items are so true.