Friday, November 23, 2007

How Men Drive Women Crazy

Guys, there are some things we do that drive women crazy

You may not want to hear about it, but "Netscape.Com's" relationship expert - Laura Snyder - wants you to know what they are. She says generally speaking, women are pretty happy with men. But there's always room for improvement. Are you guilty of any of these charges?

You have no manners. Without mentioning any specific bodily functions, you get the idea. While they're happy that you're so comfortable around them, women would prefer you to keep your private habits a little more private.

You can be a total slob. Women notice everything! Dirty fingernails, stains, holes in your clothes. Plus there's your dirty laundry all over the floor and the way you drink the milk out of the carton. Not a way to impress a lady.

You have selective hearing. You tune her out and only hear buzz words like “football” or “food.” Make sure you take the time to really listen to her.

You're not observant. Women want you to notice if they cut their hair or lose weight. They want you to notice if they're wearing something new, even if it seems like they're always wearing something new. And they especially want you to notice if they're acting funny even if they say “nothing's wrong”.

You treat her like your friends. You can get away with wisecracks, corny jokes, and macho behavior when you're out with the boys - but she wants to be treated a whole lot better than your friends. If you wouldn't want someone treating your Mom or your kid sister that way, don't do it to your girlfriend. So there you have it guys. The ladies have spoken.

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