Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fashion Mistakes for men

AOL just did a story on fashion mistakes for men and I will bring them to
you a few at a time.


#1 is something I have been preaching for years already. Guys,
please cut out the white tube socks with black shoes. It does not go
over well with many of the ladies. You only get one chance to make a
first impression, so please invest in some colored socks.

AOL Shopping Men's Fashion

Excessive jewelry


Less is more when it comes to accessories. Other than a wedding ring and a
watch it is best to try and tone the jewelry down. Here are simple pieces of
jewelry that would be an addition to any wardrobe:

fine watches
casual watches
wedding bands
link bracelets
cuff links

Football Jersey
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Unless it is game-day it is not ok to wear your football jersey as the casual shirt option in your wardrobe. It is totally fine to show support for your favorite team while you are watching the game, but putting on a jersey to go out to dinner or to go to work says that you are immature. Here are some more mature casual shirt options:polo shirts long sleeved tees fleeces sweaters turtleneck sweaters

Worn down shoes
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Shoes can say a lot about someone. They add a lot to an overall first impression. Worn down, scuffed shoes, or shoes with the heel worn down are unacceptable and can ruin the look of a whole entire outfit. Make sure that your shoes are in good condition with these following things:shoe shine kits rain boots shoe racks revolving shoe trees

The wrong socks
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Socks leave many well dressed men walking down the wrong path. Socks are an insignificant part of your wardrobe, right? Wrong. Socks can turned a well suited man into a walking fashion faux pas. Specific socks should be worn with specific outfits. Sports socks should be worn with casual attire and casual shoes, like sneakers. Casual crew socks can be worn with khaki pants, polo shirts, and cotton sweaters. Dress socks should be worn with suits, business attire and dress shoes.
Note from Jay: Guilty as charged on this one. I know enough to NOT WEAR WHITE SOCKS WITH BLACK SHOES (yes guys, I am yelling on this one, to never do this again), but tend to wear the same black style sock with everything. So ladies, do you really notice if a guy is not wearing the right sock style (not color) with the right outfit?

Dirty Undershirts
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Similar to socks, undershirts may not seem important, but they are. Make sure that you wear an undershirt if you have issues with prespiring or if you are wearing a shirt that does not have a lot of coverage. Selecting the right undershirt is a personal matter, make sure it works best for your body type. And, please, make sure to replace your undershirts when you see that they are stained or torn. undershirts tank tops crew neck undershirts v neck undershirts


Anonymous said...

Fashion mistake #3:
Pouring on too much cologne! Guys--just make sure you shower that same night...and use deodorant in all the right places! LOL--a nice splash of cologne will suffice. OK? Going to the gym before a date (which I know some men do)--and then not showering...but rather showering oneself with Calvin Klein is not going to go over well. The flies will still come around, and keep the ladies away. :)

Fashion mistake no. 4:
Wearing black with black...guys: use a little more imagination when you can use a grey or light tan or other muted color with black or brown. Unless you are meeting your date at a funeral! LOL. Black on black is so predictable, cliche and thought goes into that look. A dark brown goes great with Navy by the way.

Don't have a sense of style? Seek the help of a personal shopper--they exist and are at your disposal--Just call Bloomingdale's--their flagship location on Lex & 59th!

The time and thought you put into your image makes a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Fashion Mistake No. 5:
Guys: There are only a handful of men that can pull the 5 o'clock shadow gracefully. Please, please, please--SHAVE! If by chance, the night goes well...the half-grown beard hurts! Wearing a goatee these days? Fine...but clean it up. I am not a fan of mustaches...but if you must--be neat about it...trim it that evening. Afterall, would you guys like to encounter a woman that feels like brillo when going in for that kiss?! LOL

Dating is not for the lazy men who are not into keeping up their appearances...unless you don't mind dating women who don't shave either! LOL

Unknown said...

IN line with wearing the sports team jersey at inappropriate times is the infamous baseball cap worn backwards.
This is another common fashion error that many men make. Often it seems as if it is a failed attempt to hide a balding head or a bad haircut.
Regardless it makes a man look very boyish, immature and common.

Anonymous said...

Fashion Mistake #7: Leaving almost all of the front buttons on your button down shirt open so that we can see your chest hair and wonder, "Hmmm...I can't remember whether the landscaper mowed the lawn this week?"

Anonymous said...

Okay so I agree with absolutely are the mistakes listed but there is some leeway with the socks. Obviously you cant wear black socks with sneakers but clean non holey dark/matching socks are acceptable to me. Not all men know the difference between various sock types so if they match youre good to go!