Sunday, October 12, 2008

Does Your New Romance Have a Future?


Does Your New Romance Have a Future?
So, you’re dating someone you’re totally crazy about! Is this intense attraction you feel for them love - or temporary infatuation? Here’s how to tell whether your budding romance has a potential future, or is more likely to crash and burn as the passion fades. Ask yourself these questions from eHarmony online.
How much do you know about the other person’s life? Sure, you may know what they do for a living and where they live, but have you met this person’s friends, spent entire weekends together, or been included in each other’s daily lives? The best way to know if it’s love or infatuation is take an honest look at how unified the two of you are. This doesn’t mean just the level at which you’re opening up, but how much your partner is letting you in, too.

Do you share common life goals, dreams and ambitions? When the newness wears off, you probably won’t want to invest your time, energy and intimacy with someone who doesn’t share a similar vision of your future. So, before you get too involved, discuss things such as your long term-relationship goals and how you feel about kids. Also, find out where each of your careers rank on your lists of priorities, and how similar your ethics and morals are. While broaching this conversation might feel uncomfortable, it’s an important discussion to have a couple of months into a budding relationship. Why? Because it forces you both to communicate in an honest and open manner, in hopes of cutting down on wasted time and hurt feelings.

Is the feeling mutual? Although YOU may feel that things are sailing along smoothly, your partner may have other ideas. If only one of you is interested in a future together, it’s better to know that before you get in too deep. So – ask. This is another conversation for the two-month mark or so. If you discover that your relationship has potential, congratulations! You may be well on your way to happily ever after. Either way, it’s important to know where you stand as soon as possible so that you can proceed with caution, care, or commitment.

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