Monday, May 26, 2008

I dont wan't a nice guy

Quote of the Week from Memorial Day Weekend at Club Getaway

"I don't want a nice guy, I want a decent guy." I asked Daphne what the difference was and she said "a nice guy is boring. A decent guy will treat you like a queen, but knows how to get down and dirty."

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Anonymous said...

From a young age we are taught manners and etiquette when first meeting a woman. So a man who practices manners, may seem boring, but is just cautious and open to learning about his date. Women over 40, often do not want older men, they want 30 something play toys w/o manners. Should we nice guys become more aggressive or be true to ourselves? Age has benefits and not just physical attributes!

Anonymous said...

Oh, trust me , in this nutty world, you want a nice guy because he will not only make you the Queen but he'll tell everyone that you are the Queen...and like me, you'll get to train him to do whatever down and dirty things you want him to do. They are very, very accommodating, in every way. And they will never hurt you. I don't think that women ever aopreciate what a nice guy is like as a husband/life mate. They are the best.