Sunday, May 11, 2008

5 Ways to Make a Connection with a Woman

5 Ways to Make a Connection with a Woman

Making a deep connection quickly with a woman is a skill that most guys lack. They speak in logical ways, do not listen, and relate everything the woman says to themselves instead of trying to understand things from her point of view. This makes it difficult to establish a connection, evoke feelings in her, and make her feel like she has had a great conversation. Here is what you need to do:

Relate things to them not to you or your life.
When someone says they have had an experience, like going to Thailand, it is common to instantly relate it to yourself and talk about the time you went to Thailand, or say that you have never gone. Instead, try to imagine what it was like for them, bring out the memories, and show interest in their amazing holiday, don’t sweep it under the table by immediately talking about yourself. Connect for a bit, then it is fine to relate it to yourself.

Use what they give you.
When someone is talking they give you pieces of information about them, their feelings and their lives. You can ignore this and talk about yourself or ask another question, but you will be missing an opportunity to connect. Connect on each point before moving on to the next.

Be Observant
Notice things about their appearance (clothes, accessories, hair, nails, jewellery). Women usually put a lot of effort and time into the way they look; their bag might match their shoes, belt, earrings, and dress. Most people don’t notice, they’ll be happy if you do. Jewellery and accessories also often have a story behind them or mean something to the girl.

Be empathetic
If someone has an interest, a passion, or a strong point of view you have 3 options. The first is to say “me too”, the second is to disagree, and the 3rd and best option is to show that you understand why she has this passion, interest or view regardless of whether you share it. If someone likes cooking, you don’t have to also like cooking to show that you understand why she would like it. In the form of a question, tell her why cooking might be something she enjoys so much.

Talk about things that evoke passions and feeling.
What is something they are very passionate about, it might be anything from friends and family, to travel, to ballet. Connect on these points by showing you understand why they feel that way. Do not gloss over them, say “me too”, or immediately change subject, talk about yourself or ask another question.

Do these things and you will make a real connection quickly. Instead of it taking weeks, you can do it in hours or days.

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