Wednesday, March 07, 2007

White Tube Socks and Black Shoes!

If you are a guy who wears white tube socks with black shoes, chances are you are still single. Well at least that’s what my female friends tell me.

As described in prior articles, Men and Women are very different. Something very minor to a man can be such a major issue to a woman that she will not give him the time of day. I spoke at length with my friend Lauren who shared some of her insights on no-no's guys can make when trying to get to know her.

*White tube socks do NOT go with black shoes. Buy some dress socks, or at least black tube socks.

*Tapered Leg Pant leg issue- Wear straight leg, wide leg, or boot cut pants/jeans. Don't wear tapered leg style. These make you look like you are stuck in the 80’s. My friend Samantha calls these "ankle suckers".

* Have some pride in your appearance. Don’t go out all wrinkled or look like you just came from the gym.

*Get a good wallet, one that is not all ripped up. No velcro.

*If you have a hairy chest, keep it under wraps. The whole world does not need to see it.

*Have breath mints or gum. Their is nothing worse than talking to a guy with bad breath.

*Don’t be looking at other women while on a first date.

*Do not stare at a woman’s chest constantly.

*Compliment, but don’t over do it.

*Don’t talk about politics or religion on a first date.

*Don’t wear sneakers on the first date; unless you have discussed it before and it is date appropriate (e.g. hiking or pumpkin picking).

*No hats- especially sideways.

*Do not answer your cell phone on a date, unless it is an emergency call. It’s rude. It should be off or on vibrate.

* No flashing the cash. If the guy is offering to pay, that’s great, but don’t wip out a wad of money to make it seem like your all that.

*Try not to talk about ex’s on a date.

*Don’t talk about yourself too much. Try to ask questions to get to know the other person.

*Offer to pay on the first date. Don’t go dutch on a cup of coffee. It evens out over time.

*Do not be rude to the waitress and leave a bad tip.

*Make sure your car is clean inside.

*Make sure your seat belt works

*When you put the radio on, ask your date what kind of music she likes.

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Anonymous said...

I loved it! It was perfect!
I started reading the article because I am a no white socks with black shoes girl. Now I realize I am a pretty much all of those girl.
Thanks, that really made me smile!

Anonymous said...

I am a guy who does on occasion, wear white socks with my bluejeans or blackjeans, as part of an informal look.
If a woman is going to judge me by the color of my socks, well, that is exactly the kind of woman who I am NOT interested in. Is it any wonder why so many women complain they can't find "Mr Right"? Perhaps they are sweating the small details a little too much.

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy, and I do take pride in the way I look. And for those guys who say women are shallow or vain for caring so much, I say grow up and face reality. Looks matter, and if you want to bury your head in the sand then go right ahead, but it isn't going to help! It's time you look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

You are probably a metrosexual. Congrats!

Chris said...
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h/e/x/c/r/a/s/s said...

There's nothing wrong with the 80s.