Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pick up artists do exist

By Jay Rosensweig,

So did you see the movie Hitch a few years ago? It was pretty funny and hit close to home for me since the character went to something that almost looked like one of my
long island speed dating events. In a nutshell, Will Smith played a professional pick up artist who was hired by men to learn how to pick up women.

Fiction right? Wrong!!! A few months ago I received an email from a guy who claimed to be a professional pick up artist. Sam claimed he could really help all the Long Island singles on my mailing list. Those of you that know me, hopefully can tell I would not recommend anything that I did not believe in myself. So I went to meet this guy for a few hours and left the meeting feeling this was all a bunch of BS. Then someone suggested I read the book, The Game, written by Neil Strauss. It is the story of a plain little "nerdy guy" who infiltrated the secret society of pick up artists and in the process transformed himself into one of the most famous pick up artists of all time.

It was a fascinating read and some of techniques discussed were the same techniques the pick up artist I went to meet was trying to demonstrate. Maybe this guy really knew his stuff, but I just wasn't crazy about his style?

So Neil Strauss, a skinny little nothing guy transformed himself into one of the greatest pick up artists of all time. How? He learned from the best pick up artists in the world adopting many of their methods. One such method was reported as the "Mystery Method" mystery method developed by Mystery and another described as "Cocky Funny" developed by David DeAngelo.

So I decided to conduct some more research and downloaded the e-books by both David DeAngelo (Double your Dating) and Mystery (The Venetian Arts Handbook). Of the two, I preferred the book by Mystery covering the "Mystery Method". He covered a lot of fascinating theory about understanding women, how to approach them, why they have protective shields, and much more. A few weeks back I included the Gender Box (Gender Machine), and this book really drives this point home. Men are relatively easy to figure out as compared to women. We have a very simple on off switch. Women have many more "attraction switches" as described in the Mystery Method. So although I have not finished reading the entire book I really did find some of the materials quite useful.

Guys who know just how difficult the Long Island dating scene can be may also benefit from the book.

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