Sunday, March 25, 2007

What do you do when your upstairs neighbors are having sex?

Ok, well this actually was not supposed to be in this weeks newsletter, but my upstairs neighbors are at it again while I am working on this, so why not. Yes, I admit at first it was kind of interesting, but now it is getting to the point of being seriously annoying and actually destructive.

The moaning I can handle, its the shaking of the ceiling which has actually started to crack, that is the problem. Being woken up to this at 6AM on Sunday morning also is not much fun. The cats must think we live in California, because they think it must be an earthquake and run under the bed.

Hmm, maybe it just comes with the territory of living in an apartment and its time to find a gal and move out to the Island?
Anyone else encountered something similar and did you say anything to your neighbors?

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Anonymous said...

if u cant beat them then join them !!!