Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pretend you are talking to your good friend

I was talking to my friend Lucy about what she looks for in the approach stage.
She said "I want a guy who will interact with me like he is talking to his friends, not coming off nervous or awkward, just being natural."

Her advice to the guys: When you see a pretty woman you want to approach, don't look at her as a pretty woman, try to imagine you are talking to your good friend.

Your thougts


Anonymous said...
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Sexzguy said...

It may be a nice idaa, but I have a friend who loves to have fun and read Playgirl. Some women are not like that.

Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful scene in the movie "Tootsie" where the girl that Tootsie loves tells him (while he is dressed as a female) how refreshing it would be to meet a man who is straightforward, no lines, no games. So (armed with this knowledge) as a man, he approches her and says, "You know I would love to have sex with you." She slaps him! LOL!
It seems to me that behaving as a friend takes time and is easier said than done!
A man might say to his friend, "What a body on her." A woman might say to her friend, "Oh, what a great butt." Neither statement is the "best" opening line...but hitting that point later where you BOTH speak as honestly and openly as friends speak and look each other directly in the eyes...PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

agreed bc then you get all flustered .. RELAX we are all human no one is better than anyone else