Thursday, March 05, 2009

Men that cry

I admit that I was hooked on the ABC show the Bachelor this season, and this week bachelor Jason has gone from being a great guy to "the most hated man in America." If you are unfamiliar with all the buzz from this week, you can watch a video at

Women from across the country have ripped into this guy, with some going as far as posting his listed phone number online and encouraging others to call him and tell him what a slime ball he is.

The saga also raises an interesting debate over men who are emotional and are not afraid to cry. Most of my female friends have called Jason a Wuss, crybaby , etc, however a few have said that that is was a pleasant change of pace to see a guy who was not afraid to cry.
So, here is your chance to sound off about the Bachelor show in general and also about whether you think it is ok for men to show emotion and cry.

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Anonymous said...

Since "The Bachelor" is on prime time, I am sure much of it was staged by ABC. However, as for the character and lack of integrity that Jason demonstrates towards the end...any woman in her right mind, would run in the other direction. Clearly, here is a man (for lack of a better word)--that doesn't know what he wants, and treats women as though they are mere objects. He lacks the respect, maturity and integrity he demands from women. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing as they say. Simply because a man is well groomed, well-spoken, and comes across as sincere, doesn't necessarily mean he is a quality person who brings sincerity to the table. He is far from that type of person. It is more appalling that a father to a little boy (supposedly seeking his future wife) would behave in such a fickle, immature and nasty manner. Sure. ABC got their ratings...but "Jason Mesnick" will always be known as the biggest jerk on "The Bachelor", someone who deserves to stay a bachelor forever. I feel bad for his son.
As for the crying on the show? In my opinion, it was all crocodile tears. In a more broader sense, I don't find anything wrong with a man that expresses his emotions, and that cries -- when and only if it is sincere. Obviously, there would be something amiss if a man were to cry at the drop of a hat. But it's only human to show emotions and it's absurd that society has imposed such restrictions on men displaying their emotions in public.

Anonymous said...

three cheers for anonymous !!

TV has probably always been utterly 'trumped up' to some degree, but the level it has sunk to currently (with these absurd reality shows) is just pitiful. possibly what is more pitiful is that SOOOO many people watch them.

there may be nothing else on and i may be very intolerant (though i'm not really) but i think America should send a message to those in control of TV by watching PBS or ANYTHING ELSE that is not an insult to our intelligence, instead of these ridiculous shows.

in conclusion, it is bad enough that we have had our 'economy' pulled out from under us; let's try to take back SOMETHING in america that shows us the respect we deserve as individuals.

Anonymous said...

I do not watch The Bachlor so I cannot comment on that. I do find it a bit of a turn off if men cry- with the exception being if someone is dying, has died, or at a funeral.

Anonymous said...

I do not watch The Bachlor so I cannot comment on that. I do find it a bit of a turn off if men cry with the exception being if someone is dying, died, or at a funeral.

Unknown said...

Men who are afraid to cry are afraid to live, to love, to be human. To not let your emtions out is being afraid to show who you really are as a person, someone with a heart.

Anonymous said...

A man crying does not bother me and they must sense this cause i have had more than a few get choked up on the first date. I kid you not