Thursday, April 10, 2008

What to ask at a speed dating event

So what can you really know about someone in 5 minutes? Plenty, if you ask the right questions. Remember, your goal is to help determine who you would potentially like to get to know better. Consider it a screening process to help you set up future dates. I also suggest throwing in some deal breaker questions that are important to you.

  • What are you most passionate about? This will really help give you an idea about the person's interest and personality. Are they an avid boater, love to cook, are a thrill seeker? This is a much better question than "what do you like to do for fun?" which will result in many of the same old answers.

    *What are your all time favorite movies? Again, this may help give you a sense about what makes this person tick. Are they a romantic at heart and tell you a movie like Titanic, a slapstick type who answers with Jim Carey films, into old time classics like Casablanca? This is a better question then "what kind of movies do you like?"

    *What radio stations are preset on your car stereo? or Who is your favorite musician? This may give you some insight at to whether you have similar tastes in music.

    *Do you have pets? like pets? I am in the minority as far as guys go, in that I like cats, and have two little monsters that keep me up at night. If I ask this question and get a response that "I am deathly allergic to cats", then I know this woman is not right for me. If pets are an important issue to you, then ask this question.

    *Are you a smoker? This is another good deal breaker question. I hate cigarette smoke and owe it all to the first gal I ever kissed, Sue. I was a late bloomer and my first kiss happened when I was 17 years old at Taco Bell in Franklin Square. It put such a nasty taste in my mouth that I never picked up a cigarette and would not want to date someone who smokes (unless they were seriously trying to quit). I also lost some family members to lung cancer so this is a dealbreaker for me. If smoking habits are important to you, then ask about it.

    *Do you have kids/want kids? Maybe you do not want to date someone who has kids? If so, you can ask whether the person has any children. A better question may be "tell me about your family?" If the person responds and talks about their kids, then you get the information you need.


Anonymous said...

Well, we'll see if THIS post gets "posted." My views on the divorce/separated debate was not published!

You forgot the question "how long have you been single?" That can clear things up for someone who has it in for separated people!

Anonymous said...

good answer! thanks!

Anonymous said...

you can def. know whether you want to see someone again, there is def. a spark of some kind