Monday, April 28, 2008

May 2008 Love Horoscopes

By Vanessa Calderon. Seventh Sense Astrology

Your Romance and Partnership Horoscopes for May 2008

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
You have allies this month, Aries, and they are people you can learn from. And they probably have lots of resources to share with you. And they are probably in some positions of power. If you can hold back on any confrontational urges that you feel this month, you have the opportunity to forge some strong alliances. Your partners are thinking about money, and if you don’t have a partner, go out and take a finance course or something because you may just meet some really attractive people there in the first half of the month. The focus will shift to a party mood by mid-month, and you can be as social as you please, but do not neglect your work or there will be consequences. Talk it up and initiate conversations if you want to see sparks fly!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
At this time of year, when the sun is in your sign, people tend to go out and spend more money. Whether they are just hitting the hottest nightspots or purchasing homes, it is definitely a time of the year when people are prone to excess. You are no exception during the first half of the month. You’ll be in a downright jolly mood, but don’t go overboard on food and drink. That said, your best places to meet people who share your values are at home in the first half of the month, so throw a party or a bbq and ask friends to bring friends you don’t already know. Chances are you know someone who knows someone who wants to settle down, or at least wants a nice, even-tempered partner to hang out with. If that doesn’t work, go forward with sprucing up your living space, because you could meet someone interesting at a nursery or in an interior design store.

GEMINI (May21-June21)
You might not be thinking about relationships as your first priority during the first half of the month, because you have other important things to take care of. Everything goes back to normal in the second half in the month when Mars gives you the green light to get out and be a social butterfly again. You won’t need to go far, and you might find love this month in your own neighborhood. In fact, you might find love in a place or with a person you never considered before. Mercury is in your sign all month and Venus will enter your sign in the second half of May All of this is helpful when you want to meet people who are as quick-witted and mentally agile as you are. If they can’t keep up with you and they don’t value good conversation, they just don’t measure up.

CANCER (June 22-July 23)
The ruler of your house of romance is angling in a way that could bring a disciplined, hard worker into your life. You are also attracted to older people this month, mostly because the, “old soul” in you comes out into the open. The second half of the month lightens up a bit and you find that you need someone who likes to have fun. You are ready to go out and spend money on frivolous pursuits with friends in the first half of the month, and that is fine to do once in a while. Keep an eye on your wallet though, just in case someone you don’t know very well inadvertently (or advertently) tried to take advantage of your generosity and jovial spirit.
LEO (July 23- Aug 22)
If you have been in a shell lately, Leo, you are bound to bust out of it by the middle of May. Caution turns into confident action. You have a lot to offer this world. Venus and Mars are telling you to get moving in the right direction career-wise, and in relation to self-improvement. You’ll have lots to celebrate and lots of fun is in the starts for the end of the month, when impromptu meetings with friends, and casual gatherings are on your calendar. Some ongoing responsibilities that you have been dealing with for a long time should be more manageable in May, which is a welcome break for you. You seem to attract news about financial arrangements this month as the people around you begin to shift their assets around. You are likely to receive some friendly advice. Grit your teeth and say thank you even if you don’t think it is good advice.

VIRGO (Aug 23- Sept 22)
Friends and romantic interests clash, or you think one of your friends is attractive in the beginning of the month. You had better think very carefully before making a move or saying anything that might ruffle feathers in this situation! People related to law enforcement and education are attracted to you now. Go where those types of people hang out if you want to meet someone unique. A secret you have been keeping could become public news, and it is most likely relationship related. This shouldn’t happen until the second half of the month, so use caution until then to prevent slip-ups. Also use caution when you give friendly advice. It might be taken the wrong way and it might touch a really sore nerve.

LIBRA (Sept 23- Oct 23)
The focus is on home and work during the first half of the month, and then it shifts to meeting new individuals and groups of people in the second half of the month. Most of the month has you handling joint finances. You are going to have an opportunity to travel toward a place that has a different social climate in May. You could meet someone who is in accounting or in some other financial career, and they will help you out in some way. Your experiences this month will have you thinking about learning something new by the last week of May. Go to places where you would learn something along with a large group of other people if you are in the mood to meet someone you have a lot in common with.

SCORPIO (Oct 24- Nov 21)
You are primed for some sort of advancement in your career or a hobby you love could become lucrative for you if you talk to the right people. Attractive people are willing to partner with you this month for many reasons. You will have to remember that some relationships that hit you like lightening go away just as quickly as they appeared, and that not every potential partner becomes one who will stick around. The sun and Venus in your marriage house may have you thinking about commitment. People who are working in the same or a similar field as you, or people you meet though work, are great for hooking up with this month. Just be sure to use good judgment and only get involved with people you know want the same thing out of a relationship as you do. You don’t want to end up regretting a poorly thought-out or impulsive office romance (or any potential romance, for that matter).

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22- Dec 21)
Sagittarians might want to keep their eyes open for attractive people who work in the health, and animal-related fields. Not all of your potential partners would live near by. You can make a great connection on the web, possibly with someone who you thought of as only a casual acquaintance before May began. If you have already started talking to someone new and think that you are compatible, you are right, but take it slow. This is a very changeable month for you and you will probably meet several new people whose company you enjoy. You will also probably meet someone who talks a lot. That’s ok, because you like the person, you find him or her amusing, and you value what he or she has to say. Talkative people and people who can give you advice about your financial status are good bets for now.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan 19)
You will assert yourself and share your opinions on some very heavy topics this month, Cap. Romantic prospects and new acquaintances enjoy your openness, your attention to detail, your honesty, and your unique brand of Capricornian humor (which is usually sarcastic and dry). You are in the mood for fun and frolic, with Venus dancing through your house of romance and games, and Jupiter playing along. Don’t go overboard, though. Spending just the right amount on games of chance and involvement in speculative ventures requires discipline. All partners, whether they be financial or romantic ones, have strong opinions. They say they are only looking out for your own good, and they really are. Don’t take anything they say to heart.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20- Feb 20)
Relationships take on deeper meaning this month. You may even fall in love, or fall in love all over again. Is it possible that you are growing roots? Maybe you think about it, but only time will tell if you are really one to settle down and stay there. Lively conversation can turn into much more than that, especially with someone you like to spar with. You are being asked to take initiative in all types of relationship matters this month.
If you have time on your hands, look around your home to see what things of value you have. You will keep some, but some can net you a little pocket change. By the end of this month you will be the center of people’s attention, as well as attractive and in-demand.

PISCES (Feb 21- March 20)
You are going to crave flexibility in May, Pisces. You usually take lots of responsibility on for others (especially emotionally), but you’ll be thinking about changing the landscape a little. Travel would do you good, and your trip does not have to be long on time and distance. You can try out the butterfly suit for a while and go social on the local scene. Your best places you can go to see sparks fly: anywhere you would enjoy wildlife, and anywhere you can use your compassion to help others. Whether it be among a group of people with whom you start working toward a common goal, or among people who are lending you a hand, relationships will be fruitful this month. At the very end of the month, you feel like curling up at home with someone special.

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