Sunday, April 22, 2007

If a Guy Does Something you Don't Understand, Blame it on his Brain(From

If a Guy Does Something you Don't Understand, Blame it on his Brain(From

Ladies, if your guy ever does something you just don’t understand, blame it on his brain. After all, there are big differences between the male and female brain that can explain why men and women feel, think, and act so differently. So take the advice of Netscape .com’s relationship expert Laura Snyder and forgive him when he behaves in one of these typically male ways:

Like when he can’t talk about his feelings. One scientific theory claims that men have a smaller cluster of nerves in the area that bridges the left brain, which controls language, and the right brain, which controls feelings. Since women have a bigger bridge, they can put emotions into words quickly, while guys struggle.

Another thing to blame on the male brain: he doesn’t understand what annoys you. Men tend to compartmentalize things. So to him, sweet-talking the waitress has nothing to do with his feelings for you. He doesn’t get it when something that’s meaningless to him makes you mad.
Also, he doesn’t notice details. Since a man’s brain takes in less sensory detail, he’s not as aware of his environment. That could explain why he doesn’t notice that you cut your hair or lost five pounds.

And one more male behavior you can blame on the brain: he never says “I Love You.” On top of lacking communication skills, testosterone makes him more likely to show his feelings through gifts or favors, like opening the door or fixing your car. For guys, actions really do speak louder than words.

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