Monday, May 29, 2006

Understanding Women- Part 2

In Part 1, I introduced you to Karen, Allie, and Erica. Here is more of what they had to say when asked these questions:
#7 If a man asked for your contact information, would you be more comfortable giving out your email instead of your phone number?

#8 Would you approach a man that you were interested in?

#9 Best place to go on a first date?

#10 Do you look at a man's shoes and make judgments from them?

Karen: "I would go right up to a guy I was interested in and start talking to him. This is 2006, why not?" Best first date for me would be a restaurant like Don Juan, where we can get to know each other, but still have a lot of entertainment in case he is boring. Yes, I look at the shoes. If he is wearing Kenneth Cole or something similar, then he scores points. If he has on JC Penny loafers, then it is pretty much goodbye. I really do not use email, so phone number contact is best for me."

Allie: "I will not approach a man. Although sometimes I would like too, I am afraid it will send the wrong message. A great first date for me would be a carnival or some place where we can walk around. As far as the shoes go, Allie does notice, but said it is not so important. She also likes the idea of giving out her email instead of phone number.

Erica & Friends: Unfortunately Erica and friends lost interest chatting when it got time for these questions. I had taken them away from being the center of attention and it was time for them to go back to the dance floor and dance by themselves.

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