Monday, August 03, 2009

Speedos are a no no

As I was lying by the lake at Club Getaway this past weekend, I heard a roar and then the scream "SPEEDOS", "SPEEDOS", "SPEEDOS."

He probably had no idea that he was the talk of the town. How could he know? If nobody was nice enough to tell him, he could go on and on, not having a clue. Guys, in case you have any old pairs of speedo's that you are tempted to wear, you may want to throw them out, or use them as a rag. Although there may be a few ladies that like them, the consensus this past weekend, is that the speedos have got to go.

So lets talk about some other no no's, fashion or otherwise that the opposite sex should know about. Even if you think it should be totally obvious, say it anyway. This poor guy who got the nickname "speedos" for the weekend, had no clue, so lets help each other out and spell out even the "obvious."

Please share your thoughts in the blog.


Elizabeth said...

Please, oh PLEASE shave or wax your backs if you have a rug! Please...wearing a shirt over a hairy back will not fix that problem and eye sore. Us ladies still see the hair and it's just plain gross and unecessary. Yes, I agree it's a lot of maintenance...but you know now have the slightest idea of how much attention, time and effort women put into getting ready and keeping themselves well-groomed and looking appealing. A woman that is very attractive, and well put together will NOT want to be with a man that has a rug on his back, or that has dirty finger nails, and yellow or unmanicured toenails. Please--pay attention to these details while dating--remember, you are putting your best foot forward. You never get a second chance in making a first (and lasting, favorable) impression.

Anonymous said...

Of course speedos are a no no based upon the picture you showed, either just too skimpy (too high rise) or worn by a fat person. On the right swimmer's build, they look fantastic. Perhaps in your article, you are jealous of those who are fit and able to wear speedos successfully? Any one has a legitimitate right to wear speedos if they are in shape and can swim well. Women like to see men in sexy briefs so the same should apply to speedo briefs when worn on a sexy body.

Anonymous said...

Jay, no one would roar and chant 'speedos', if worn by Michael Phelps or for that matter any other competant swimmer. In Europe they are quite the standard swim wear. That is why the Speedo company is a billion dollar swimwear company!! And Jay, go to any pool where there are real swimmers and most everyone (esp in competitions) will be in speedos, men and women. Perhaps the groups you go with are not particularly in shape or athletic??

Elizabeth said...

To the 10:40 and 12:20 comment/responses: I fully agree that Mike Phelps looks phenomenal in speedos...however...there are far and few men that can wear a speedo! Hence, Jay's example and reason for bringing up this topic. Speedo's per se don't have to be a "no no"...but they are for a man that looks as though he is pregnant with twins! Sorry--but it's the truth...the same goes for women that are extremely out of shape--very heavy in the middle...they should not be wearing a string bikini! It only accentuates what doesn't need to be seen. That simple. Not easy looking great in a bikini...the same goes for speedos.