Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jay gets a manicure

Is a guy with manicured nails a turn on, turn off, or makes no difference at all?
I am still a little stuck being traditional in certain areas (eg women wear earrings and get manicures, spend more; time getting ready than guys etc). The Metrosexual phase just never did it for me.

That being said, I have heard some guys talk about getting their nails done, and have had some female friends (some reading this right now), saying how great it feels to get a manicure and that I should get one. Since I have never had one in my life, I was a little curious to try it. Over time, I would pass by the salon, look in and see a bunch of women getting nails done, and could not get myself to go in.

Well a few days ago, I passed by the salon and it was completely empty, so I went in.
The woman was nice and tried to make small talk, although I really couldn't understand her. (She kept saying Korea, my country, mucho money, dating, and get married. I think she either wanted me to go to Korea to start a speed dating company or wanted to get married).

Twenty minutes later she finished my nails and told me to sit in another chair. Next thing I knew, she was doing my feet. Another woman came out of the back room and and then Mr. Kim entered the salon with a bag full of products. I think he was trying to sell me some imported cologne, but can not be 100% sure. The three of them started talking and laughing for the next 10 minutes until I was finished. This made me feel uncomfortable since I did not know what they were saying.

Have you seen the episode from Seinfeld where Elaine gets her nails done and suspects people are talking about her?

After I left the salon, I noticed my nails and toenails were shining in the sun. This just didn't seem right to me. My nails looked good, but guys are not supposed to have shiny nails!! Ok, Ok, I know I am in that traditional mindset, but I didn't like it. I spent the next two days trying to get rid of the shine with nail polish remover after asking female friends for help, but it didn't work. Finally after the advice of my dentist (a guy with daughters), I bought the right stuff (special pads) to kill the shine.

So, my days for now of getting manicures/pedicures are over. I am curious though as to whether women find a guy with shiny manicured nails attractive, and then maybe I would reconsider.

Much thanks



Unknown said...

Hi Jay. I'm with you, I don't think manicured nails on a guy looks right. I definately don't find the metrosexual thing a turn on! Clean hands and nails yes, but you should have skipped the polish!! I used to fee the same way as you, like in the Elaine episode and not knowing if they were talking and laughing about you. Now I go somewhere where they speak mostly Elaina : )

Anonymous said...

Jay--trust me, that's the least of your worries...shiny fingernails and toes? I, along with probably 90% of normal, attractive and put together females in the dating pool these days have a preference for a man that is well groomed, and takes the time and effort to present well rather than show up with dirty finger nails, unshaven, and with a ragged old shirt on. When it comes to dating, women like to see and know that the man sitting in front of them took the effort to make a lasting favorable impression, and didn't just fall out of their beach chair - to meet us. The last guy I decided to drop-couldn't understand why I wouldn't get too close...he looked like Grizzly Adams! Didn't shave in over a month...wore an old ripped t-shirt you would see someone washing a car with! LOL...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
Good for you for trying and I am so happy that you do not want to go back. It is very much a turn OFF, men with manicures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay:
Sorry your first experience was not a good one. They should not have made your nails shiny - they should have buffed - this way you would look like a guy who takes care of himself and has good hygiene habits - not like some men who look like they fell out of bed and took their clothes from a pile on the floor. If you dare to try again, go with a female friend who gets her nails done at one specific place. Then the experience should be a better one. Guys may not think it but girls do check out their hands and feet for cleanliness - no dirty fingernails for me.

Anonymous said...

I like a guy that takes care of himself and certainly wouldnt mind a man that had nice shiny nails (no polish!) - better than a guy that has torn up bitten nails.

That being said, DO NOT TELL ME YOU WENT FOR A MANICURE! That is the turn off! Some things are just better of not being spoken about and letting me know you went for a mani is one of them.

Anonymous said...

I think all men should get manicures. Guys usually have nasty looking nails. They either bite them or they have too much dirt under them. The only part I would leave out is the clear polish they put on at the end. That I agree is so not manly at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay, I think that a man getting a manicure and pedicure is ok but forget the polish. Just have your nails buffed to a shine. Good personal hygiene is a must and clean and manicured nails show that a man cares about how he looks. To those men who look like Grizzly Adams .... maybe you should look in the mirror. Sloppy and bad hygiene are a huge turnoff. Jay try it again but maybe you could ask the people to speak English if it bothers you. Personally I think it is rude to speak in a different language and can make people feel uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Grizzly Adams! lol...I agree with those that commented on how important it is to put the effort into personal hygiene, and going that extra mile to look nice...even if you are meeting during the day - at a park, or a casual excuse to look like some homeless street dweller. Buffed nails without polish will be just fine. If a man (or woman) for that matter has ugly toe nails...wear shoes that cover it up. But showing up in an old t-shirt and dingy jeans is quite lame....major turn off! Simple basics: shower, shave, put on light cologne, use deodorant, brush or whiten those teeth, and don't think by wearing some baseball cap--that will substitute for not grooming one's hair. Get a haircut. The last guy I met up with was such a disappointment...old t-shirt, hair all messy--under his baseball cap (as if I didn't notice), no sense of style, thought was put into the date, including his appearance...needless to say--he was very interested, but it wasn't mutual. I never returned his call or e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Jay, I agree that buffed, not shiny nails, look good on a man. And to be honest, if a man wanted to take me on a date for both of us to have a manicure and pedicure, I would absolutely say WOW! To me there is nothing un-masculine about a well-groomed man and if a manicure and pedicure add to that look, then I am all for it!
PS Yes, I too have felt like Elaine...but hey, how much bad "stuff" can someone really say about you? After all, you are a good guy!!!!