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June Love Horoscopes

By Vanessa Calderon- Seventh Sense Astrology

Your June 2008 Romance and Partnership Horoscopes

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
The pace of your life is faster during the first three weeks of the month than it will be during the end of the month, Aries. Social events are plentiful while the sun is in Gemini and then you will need to buckle down and take care of everything that has to do with home and family when the sun and Venus cross into Cancer during the week of June 20th. Passionate connections with other fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) are possible this month. Be aware that you may also meet a person, or people, who have very strong personalities. Back up and reevaluate the motives of people who seem bossy or overbearing. Your home is your place of respite, so use it to recharge and renew yourself after the 20th.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
The world seems to move so much faster in June because the sun is in Gemini, but you get off easy this month with Mercury retrograde. Details are not flying by you as fast as they do when Mercury is direct. Mercury will go direct again in the third week of the month, but by that time, you will have a nice blanket of Cancerean energy to wrap yourself in. Until then, you might find that partners and potential partners are indecisive, and that the people you have been meeting seem to have two personalities. Stay or go? Here or there? Don’t watch the tennis match that is going on in front of you. Wait until next month for people to become more certain of the respective paths they want to take before you decide which people you want to travel along with.

GEMINI (May21-June21)
Tongue tied? I thought so. But this only lasts until the last week of the month when your ruling planet, Mercury, starts moving forward in your sign. The first two-thirds of June move a bit more slowly than you would like and you should be methodical about laying your plans for the future. You might have many instances of deja-vu this month when people from your past start showing up again in the strangest places. They are appearing for a reason, so finish old business and you’ll be glad you got closure. About passion: there is a possibility of an intense exchange with a partner, potential partner, or an interesting member of whichever sex it is that you prefer to couple with. Ideological differences do not need to come between you, but people seem to be quite opinionated this month. When in doubt, your best bet is to keep quiet.

CANCER (June 22-July 23)
There are some pieces of information that you are privy to regarding people who are close to you, and it is much wiser to keep them to yourself than to spread them around this month. Importantly, this is a very interesting time for you in terms of relationships. Many partnerships that you have been involved in that have had financial implications will begin to dissolve. You will find though, that the newer relationships in your life will also have connections to finances, so let’s use this energy wisely: Take control of where your partnership roads are leading by seeking out cohorts who have business and accounting experience, experience with valuables like jewelry and antiques, and hang out with people who understand tax codes. The energies that are permeating your relationship angles now will be solidifying for a long period of time and the best way to conquer the wave is to ride it! Work with the energy instead of letting it work you, and your new relationships will be more give and take instead of just give.

LEO (July 23- Aug 22)
There’s nothing more entertaining than a Leo who puts himself/herself on display, but there’s nothing more sad than looking at a Leo who has run himself/herself ragged. You’ll be pulled in different directions this month. You’ll likely have the stamina to handle it, as you often do. Just be aware not to push yourself too hard or you might feel like a turtle going up stream by the time June 20th rolls around. Regarding your closest partnerships, you are not likely to get anywhere unless you make your needs and intentions known in advance. Things that you wish you had said in the past can be said now, so that there are no regrets. Be clear about everything you want people to understand about you even if you feel cloudy-headed. Your partners and potential partners will appreciate your ability to reach out on an objective and friendly level.

VIRGO (Aug 23- Sept 22)
Partners and people who are close to have the potential to make decisions that you don’t know about in advance, or that you don’t see coming, Virgo. That frustrates you to no end. You value communication highly and nothing burns you more than a loved one who doesn’t let you in on important details. Did he or she forget, or was it intentional? Given the intense energies you are experiencing right now, it is probably intentional, but it is doubtful that people are seriously out to hurt you; they aren’t giving you the whole story for your own protection. Also, don’t go so out on a limb for someone this month that you end up standing alone, holding the ball. Pay close attention to detail, and accept what is obvious, and you’ll be happy to see that everything is getting back to normal for you by the third week of the month. Positive people to spend time with: professionals, teachers and people in health and healing fields.

LIBRA (Sept 23- Oct 23)
Hey, Libra, you have the potential to do great things this month, when a new social network opens up for you and you achieve something rather lofty at work or in your field of endeavor. That’s great news in partnership matters because you will likely run into lots of people who are of like mind and whose goals are similar to yours. Before June 20th, you might feel like you are spinning your wheels a little bit in regards to long-term goals, but you can expect to make important decisions regarding your future toward the end of the month. If things don’t move quickly enough for you in business and partnerships this month, then be content to watch from afar and use your time wisely, because you will be on a new path with new people in at least one area of your life before June ends.

SCORPIO (Oct 24- Nov 21)
Nothing suits you better than a partner with whom you can partake in mental gymnastics, and nothing frustrates you more than attractive people who play mind games. Could it be that someone has figured you out? Wow, that would be a feat, but you could certainly have met your match by the end of the month. People in authority are likely to demand more of you right now and so you have to be sure to pay attention to the little details in their plans. Look out for the needs of others while you wait for Mercury to shift gears and start moving forward in the third week of the month. After that happens, you will see that the attractive person (or people) who had been puzzling you isn’t really a complicated person at all. It was just your own fear of not being in control of every situation, and your innate desire to hold all of the marbles, that was making you think that treachery was afoot.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22- Dec 21)
June highlights your partnership and marriage sectors every year so you will see that your closest partnerships are at the forefront of your mind. If you are not married, then you will be spending more time with people who are, and with people who would like to be. Certain important people in your life are holding back a little bit, for good reason. They might be trying to sort out some serious disputes or are working out some personal issues. People you look to for support are generally trying to find themselves, and their own places in the grand scheme, all through the month of June. Their attention, and maybe yours as well, will wander toward foreign ideas, but everyone will find his or her way home again by the third week of the month. Until then, expect people to need space, and to need your wise and philosophical council. Be prepared to let loved ones go off on a long leash until the sun moves into Cancer around the 23rd when emotional attachments begin to deepen again.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan 19)
Attachments to people in service professions are likely this month, Capricorn. You are in a service-to-others kind of mood, or you are for once being asked to kick back and be served. The urge to move forward on some very intense and exciting projects you are involved in must be tamed and put aside until the third week of the month. During the middle of the month, there may be surprise revelations about people you always assumed you knew very well. Emotional issues will take center stage after the sun moves into Cancer on the 23rd, so until then, don’t expect answers to any deep and probing questions in regards to relationships. People are going to start opening up to you emotionally more toward the end of the month. You could even fall in love.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20- Feb 20)
This is the time to give your partners their kudos, and to give in a little if an object of your affection needs complements and coddling. You are not the most emotional sign in the zodiac and at this time of year you tend to charm the pants off of everyone with your intelligence and wit. However, the energy is only social and detached until the third week of the month when people will need you to open up emotionally, and they will ask you to do so. If their forwardness makes you uncomfortable, that is no surprise. Just remember that there are times when even Aquarians have to prove their friendship, love and loyalty. Now is not the time to assume that everyone already knows how you feel. Caring for people takes a lot more than giving advice; it also requires giving from the soul. People might even resurface from the past to ask you how you feel, or to tell you how they feel about you.

PISCES (Feb 21- March 20)
This is a mechanical month for you Pisces, when exterior and interior improvements around your home simply must be taken care of. Much of the action in general takes place close to home this month so you probably won’t be traveling much. Little bursts of ego competition will likely take place between people you love and you can rest assured it won’t last very long, so stay out of it. Pieces of material wealth or wisdom that you received from your parents are important this month as well. What would they say about your romantic/partnership situation right now? Don’t discount the wisdom in their advice, or ignore the wisdom contained in what you know they would say to you about partnerships at this time. If you are looking for more seriously compatable people with whom you can spend quality time then seek out people who love animals, people who are in the fields of home improvements and health care, people who are a little shy and are not likely to talk your ear off, and people who have very strong intuition. You will appreciate being with people who are most like you in these ways all month.

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