Sunday, January 13, 2008

Struggeling from a break up?

Here’s how to get on the fast track to recovery, courtesy of Weider Publications.

Clean house. Breakup coach Francisco Bujan says the first step to recover from a breakup is to reclaim your personal space and get rid of any traces of your ex’s presence. So, box up the “couples” photos on the fridge, ditch the cologne in the bathroom, and give away that case of beer. Removing the relationship reminders should reduce the number of flashbacks you get every day.

Stop obsessing. Psychiatrist Dr. Laura Grashow says it’s not productive to think about what went wrong over and over again because eventually you’ll just convince yourself that they were wrong and you were right. Instead, she suggests finding something constructive from the hurtful things that were said. For example, if they complained that “you never listen,” practice this on your friends: Listen to them for five minutes without interrupting. Eventually, you’ll become comfortable listening to anybody and your next significant other will thank you for it.

Get it off your chest. Take one week – only one – and unload your angst on the people who care about you. Bujan says that most friends can only take one or two heavy-duty conversations. So, consider writing down all your woes on paper. Then crumpling it up and throwing it away. Once your week is up, spare your friends and look for other sources of comfort, like a family member or a therapist.

Hit the gym – twice a day if necessary. Dr. Daniel Amen says that exercise is the best way to feel better naturally because physical activity boosts the brain chemicals that make you feel happy - and releases compounds that kill pain. Even better, you’ll be working on getting healthier and looking better. After all, everyone knows that looking good is the best revenge.

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