Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rich Guys and Hot Women

I have made it a policy not to write about specific competitors by name, but today is an exception.

Have you heard about the recent event put on by Pocket Change and in Manhattan. It was a speed dating event for Rich Guys & Hot Girls. According to Forbes and several other publications, just to be considered men needed to make $200,000 - $500,000 or more depending on the age of the guy. If selected, the attendance fee was $500.

Women were judged by looks alone and if selected had to pay $50.

Please click here to read the article from Forbes or click here to read the article from the Associated Press.

Personally speaking, I think the event is a terrible idea and sends the wrong message. However this is America, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Anonymous said...

I think rich men should meet rich women-- It's more balanced--

Anonymous said...

I think this rich man, hot woman sped or internet dating is disgusting. Unfortuneately most, but all women are only interested in a man's financial worth. That is what our society has come down to. No wonder everyone is still searching but never finding some kind of true happiness. As long as women want more and more, even an average good man has no chance anymore unless he finds the exception or marries when he is young. These "rich" men will soon find out in divorce court that they were actually married to prostitues.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a perfect idea. Men who can only define themselves through their income/wealth meet women who can only define themselves through their beauty. Eventually, the men will lose 1/2 of his wealth to the beautiful women who will lose their beauty with time.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get in on that! ~a woman~

Anonymous said...

I think shallow people should stick together!! My question is this, who can judge the beauty of the woman when everyones opinion of what is beautiful differs? I think I'm beautiful but I'm sure someone else might think differently, does that make me not beautiful? These men will lose out in the long run but I'm assuming they won't care because as long as the beautiful woman is on his arm for a business trip or whatever he'll feel like it was money well spent. I don't understand why any woman would want to play "Barbie" to some rich guy. Get a life and be yourself and experience what a real man can give you...time, love, and attention. These rich men are probably so wrapped up in themselves that the woman would be lonely anyway???

Anonymous said...

These rich men are probably so wrapped up in themselves that the woman would be lonely anyway???

That quote is true, but then so was the case of my egotistical X! and STILL rings true, 8 years later..his head is so big, he thinks his worse enemies would kiss his feet! i just dont get it!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm. I've never dated men with (tons) of money. But at this point in my life (36, single) I think I would attend such an event. Why? Because I have trouble meeting men that make the same or more money than I do (not that it matters) But I would like to meet somone who is financially stable and if I happen to lose my job or get ill I know I won't lose my home. Maybe if you go there for the right reasons it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely great and perfect idea from psychological point of view. On of the best text books on Psychology of Marriage, that is called, if i am not mistaken, "Psychology of Marriage"
clearly states that regarldess of what you want or what you think the formula exists: "beauty and youth" for "wealth". It has been justified by thousands of years.

Wealthy males want to marry beautiful women because they unconciousely looking to produce best possible offsprings.

Since only about 10% of women are really beautiful, the rest of world is jeleaus: women because they have limited access to wealthy males, man because they have limited access to beautiful women.

Just accept it, it is a reality. Look for partner bases on where you are standing on the "marital market"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why YOU would object JAY.. since you seem perfectly OK with setting your venues up so OLDER MEN meet younger women... AND making SURE that happens even if a women LOOKS younger then her age- by PROOFING for age at your events. Whats up with that??
Marketing to the men but not the women ?
They ARE TOO! The same as you are.

Anonomous said...

My personal objection has to do with the money issue, that someone essentially is buying themselves a hot woman, and that the woman is really only interested in the man because of his cash.

You are correct that at most events the top age for the man is slightly older than the women. This is based on the feedback from most (not all), that men are looking for women a little younger, and more than half of the women surveyed are looking for men a little older. We will be experimenting with an older woman, younger man event in the near future.

As far as requiring proof of age, regardless of whether the person "looks younger", you are again correct, that this is a requirment. It is not my place to pick and choose, who looks young enough to go into an event even though they fall outside the age bracket. Proof of age is required for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Rich guys and hot women topic. There are certain advantages to being rich and being able to buy sex from women most men couldn't afford as girlfriends or wives is defintely one of them. If the guy has a desire to have sex with a woman like that more power to him.