Sunday, March 12, 2006

Guys Night Out?

Guys Night Out? After the great feedback from the Girls Night Out event, several people (all women) have approached me with the suggestion of doing a Guys Night Out. My initial reaction was NO WAY! ARE YOU CRAZY! It would never work. After I thought about it again, my view was, "well it probably wouldn't work, but who knows".

In the past, some of the guys have commented to me that all of their friends are married, have girlfriends, etc, and they do not have a lot of people to go out with. Actually that was the reason I started this business over three years ago. So although the concept could make sense, I am not sure this idea "would fly". What do you think?

Men: Would you go for a Guys Night Out to watch a ballgame, have some drinks at a bar, or something guyish, followed by an after party to meet single women? Please share your comments in the blog.


Anonymous said...

Having been married for 24 yrs and all the friends were hers, the need for some new guy friends is definitely there. So yes, a night out with the guys to "watch a ballgame, have some drinks at a bar, or something guyish" would be of definite interest,and of course with the added bonus of "followed by an after party to meet single women". Getting back into the outside world is tops on the list, but 'bar scene' is not. So your idea here is one I look forward to.

Anonymous said...

As a woman, I wouldn't mind attending a ballgame (instead of a spa)! Maybe the venue could change each month. (I'm looking forward to my first Nassau County girls night out.)

Also, you could have them (the guys/girls night out) on the same day so we can all meet up afterwards and compare our days!