Monday, March 22, 2010

Should he shave/trim it?

Hi Jay,

Can you please post the following on your blog, but please do not use my name.  I am a little embaressed about this.


TS (a guy)

Hi Jay,
I recently saw a movie where the guy shaves his personal area and was wondering if this was normal for men.  I mean, do guys really do this?  And do women find this a turn on?  After seeing the movie, I tried to shave a little, but it hurt like heck.  Is it worth that much pain? 

If women really do like it, then I guess it is worth it, but would like to know what your female readers think about a guy who does this?




Anonymous said...

Yes they should! Men expect US to shave it!

Bob said...

Hi TS,

I, as a Guy, prefer my partner to be smooth, and in-kind, keep my area smooth for my partner.

We both used to shave, but no longer have to, as its been lasered, which was not as painful as one would think, and with no more shaving irritation and stubble.

I had laser about eight years ago in NYC, which gave rise to me to very shortly thereafter go into business for myself.

As Husband and Wife owners and certified technicians, we personally treat many a Man and Woman for removal of hair on their genitals and such.

Not only do our Clients do it for intimacy and appearance concerns, they also do it for hygienic reasons. Hair has a tendency to hold onto moisture such as perspiration, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and odors.

When hair is removed, it allows the undergarments to wick moisture away, yielding a clean and healthy field. This holds true for the perianal region as well - much easier to keep clean with no hair holding onto debris.

Though some may feel pressure from their partners to shave (or laser for that matter), the choice is yours, and yours alone. Though outer beauty may attract, the inner beauty is what keeps.

Our choice to remove the hair was our individual wants, as well as mutual, so it worked very well for us.

I posted this to give you a global perspective on the subject - from many Client discussions as well as from a professional perspective.

Anonymous said...

Man-scaping should definitely be done. It is all part of the appearance factor-shaving, use of deodorant, clean/pressed shirt and pants, etc. Heck, women go to extremes to look their very best for a man-a man should, too. It bothers me that this is an issue! Come on already! Thanks to TS for bringing this 'issue' up! :)

Anonymous said...

anonymous: what does this simple reply tell you,an intelligent person,about this woman ? do you read them and us? black and white? good and bad ?...very easy to spot tunnel

Anonymous said...

I like it to be kept somewhat trimmed, not shaven. It makes it more comfortable for me to do certain things that he likes, if you get my drift...

Jeff Magic said...

Keeping the boys clean is great idea. Having hair near Mr. Wonderful is thumbs up. Women find it manly, but want it trimmed and tended to.

Anonymous said...

stay clean and neat thats all if for you shaving is bettershave if not trim =)