Sunday, January 03, 2010

Love Laws


"Love Laws" for The Dating World

Ladies, are you jumping back into the dating pool? Then I’ve got a few “Love Laws” for you: Rock-solid truths about men and becoming a couple that’ll help you avoid a lot of drama and mental anguish. This comes from the experts at Condé Nast Publications.

Law #1: If a guy you meet doesn’t call you in a week, he’s not interested. You may think he’s just busy, or lost your number, but don’t kid yourself. Clinical psychologist Judith Shervan says it doesn’t matter how busy he is. If he’s interested, he’ll find five minutes to call. Bottom line: If he leaves you hanging for more than three days, take that as a definite sign he’s not interested, and move on.

The next law of love: By date number three, you may start to notice his flaws, but that’s not a bad thing! Dr. James Aniechowski is the coauthor of Be Loved for Who You Really Are. He says noticing flaws – like the fact that he wears the same jeans every day - means you’re subconsciously evaluating him as a long-term partner, and working through your nerves about your future together. So, instead of thinking, “Can I live with someone who’s a football freak?” Think, “Am I ready for a long-term commitment?”

The third law of love: No man wants to be your best friend. Michael Gurian, the author of How a Man’s Mind Really Works, says men like a little mystery. They tend to get overwhelmed if you share too much information. In other words, he doesn’t want to hear the play-by-play of your average workday. Or listen to an analysis of the fight you just had with your mother. Instead, stick with topics that relate to your life together, like, “What are we doing for dinner?” Or, “What do you want to save money for, a house or a vacation?”

The final law of love: You’ll discover something that proves Mr. Right isn’t perfect. Like, he was briefly married at 18. Or he earned a GED instead of graduating from high school. Dr. Kate Wachs is the author of Relationships for Dummies. She says not to make a big deal out of something that isn’t an issue anymore. Bottom line: Do you love him because he’s sweet, hilarious, and talented – or because you thought he’d never been married before?

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